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Ground Control Art Show at La Vie Gallery April 5–May 4, 2008

Ground Control Art Show at La Vie Gallery from April 5 – May 4, 2008

La Vie, 3609 Butler Street, Lawrenceville

Contact: Bronwyn Loughren, Owner
Ground Control
April 5 – May 4, 2008


“You ought to be in pictures, you’re wonderful to see. You ought to be in pictures, oh, what a hit you would be!”
-from the song, You ought to be in pictures as sung by Edith Beale

March 27, 2008 - Pittsburgh- Saturday, April 5th, 7:00PM, the thirteenth exhibition at La Vie, Ground Control, lifts off. Billed as “A once in a lifetime experience,” Ground Control references the monumental single, Space Oddity, David Bowie’s haunting song coinciding with the launch of Apollo 11. Similarly, curator Thommy Conroy has built a show in reverence and anticipation of the coming 55th Carnegie International, Life on Mars.

Ground Control questions the role of artist creating self-reflective mythologies to analyze their personal and external environments. Just as Bowie created the fictional astronaut Major Tom to highlight contemporary feelings of loss, confusion, and loneliness, the thirteen-featured artists offer mythological perspectives that challenge the world around us.

The process of mythmaking has been familiar to the art world since the films of Jack Smith that would eventually inspired the work of Warhol and his contemporaries. The action of artist, as revered by the Abstract Expressionists has allowed the artist’s incentive to move from object to self, the art has become the artist, who presents a personal mythology though action and depiction.

In a society dominated by tabloid sensationalism and personal profiles on websites like and, we demand that people sell themselves, the exciting individual set on a ceremonial table for mass consumption. In Space Oddity, Major Tom has become a hero through his action, but floats in space completely lost from his identity. He floats in space at a rapid pace, but feels completely still. On May 2, Pittsburgh will be flying into the International eye, emerging as a shining Brigadoon. As this International art scene whirls round, we offer thirteen local artists who share their own sense of mythology, standing on a firm and consistent ground.

Ground Control runs April 5 – May 4, 2008. Featuring artwork by Tommy Bones, Edgar Um Bucholtz, Thommy Conroy, Renee Ruth Ickes, Gavin Kenyon, James Maszle, Alexi Morrissey, Daniel Paracat, Clare Parry, Jairan Sadeghi, Eric Stren and Carolyn Wenning.

La Vie consistently offers fine art by local artists in carefully selected shows every 45 to 60 days. Bronwyn Loughren and Thommy Conroy use the gallery as a studio, providing graphic design services, hand-made cards and invitations, floral arrangements and specialty event planning. The shop purveys prints, jewelry, pottery, sculpture and publications. La Vie exclusively carries hand-painted clothing by Mary Margaret Stewart of Iman B, formerly located on Ellsworth Street in Shadyside, as well as signature t-shirts by Ladyboy and Budai. La Vie is open Wednesday thru Saturday 12 – 6, Sunday 12 – 3 and conveniently by appointment.

Current and past shows as well as everything featured at La Vie can be seen at


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