Monday, July 21, 2014

City of Pittsburgh Vacant Lot Survey

City of Pittsburgh Vacant Lot Survey

The City of Pittsburgh, through the Department of City Planning (DCP) is undertaking the production of a Vacant Lot Toolkit. The toolkit is a recommendation of OPENSPACEPGH, which is the open space, parks, and recreation component of PLANPGH, the City of Pittsburgh's first-ever comprehensive plan. The public process for OPENSPACEPGH showed that the process for reusing vacant land in the City is problematic. There was no consistency in process from one project to another, multiple departments were managing similar vacant lot projects, and there was no policies helping guide residents, community-based organizations, and non-profits to what drives a successful project.

The City, implementing a separate recommendation of the Plan, is beginning to create a single point of contact for all vacant land reuse inquiries. That position is charged with “interacting with community groups and the public, maintaining a current database of opportunity properties, identifying suitable properties for proposed uses, making recommendations on properties with the highest priority for title clearing, and navigating (and helping the public navigate) the internal City processes for reusing land.”

The Vacant Lot Toolkit will include but not be limited to policy changes around vacant land and the development of a resident guide to the reuse of vacant property within the City of Pittsburgh.

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