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Pittsburgh Murals and Public Art Info Mural Artists from the Pittsburgh Galleries Blog

Lately a reoccurring theme has been the difficulty in finding information online about Pittsburgh art in general. Either there is no information or incomplete or I'm running into my own posts from the Pittsburgh Art Blog. In the case of Pittsburgh murals I was able to find information it's just that it took a while as it was spread out!

I was able to find an older list from the Carnegie Library here which I list towards the bottom of this post. Many of their research projects cover from 1930 to 2000 which is really cool. The main page for their research is www.clpgh.org/research . They cover a ton of ground.

Also the Pittsburgh Office of Public Art has tours and you can download free brochures here which cover the Cultural District, Retail District / Firstside, The North Shore, Grant Street Corridor District, and Oakland. You can also order them to be shipped for a fee, info at the link above.

As for many of the Pittsburgh murals which have been created from 2003-2006 The Sprout Fund, both being an amazing force and source of funding for many of them, also has a map and lists them by year. They are in the middle of revamping their website but you can go here to their old site for a larger pdf which you can print or just check out the image I've inserted below which you can click on for a better look. They also list them by year with summaries and photos here . Not all murals are documented there so if you know of others please let me know. For instance the "Welcome to Deutschtown" mural, designed and created by Pittsburgh-based artist David Lee Edwards, did not receive a lot of press, either in paper or online. More info here . If you're an artist looking for mural opportunities GPAC (Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council) has a link here .

Update: 2010 Sprout funded murals are here. The Sprout Fund is in the process of updating their new website as of October 2011 so hopefully it won't be long until you can find all the mural info in one section.

2013 Update: New PghMurals.com website.

Any other good info you have about public art let me know!

Thanks, Rick Byerly
Murals created between appr 1930 and 2000:
Pittsburgh Murals. 500 Wood Street
Pgh. Murals. Aliquippa Post Office
Pgh. Murals. Allegheny County Courthouse
Pgh. Murals. Allegheny General Hospital
Pgh. Murals. Ambridge High School
Pgh. Murals. Arlington
Pgh. Murals. Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Pgh. Murals. Bank of Pittsburgh
Pgh. Murals. Benedum-Trees Building
Pgh. Murals. Blairsville Saints Simon & Jude Roman Catholic Church
Pgh. Murals. Bloomfield
Pgh. Murals. Board of Education Building
Pgh. Murals. Board of Public Education Building
Pgh. Murals. Boulevard of the Allies & Second Avenue
Pgh. Murals. Buhl Planetarium
Pgh. Murals. Carnegie Institute
Pgh. Murals. Carnegie Institute of Technology
Pgh. Murals. Carnegie Library
Pgh. Murals. Carnegie Library Bookmobile Garage & West End Branch
Pgh. Murals. Carnegie Library East Liberty Branch
Pgh. Murals. Carnegie Library Homewood
Pgh. Murals. Carnegie Library North Side (Allegheny Regional)
Pgh. Murals. Carnegie Mellon University
Pgh. Murals. Church
Pgh. Murals. Church of the Assumption (Bellevue)
Pgh. Murals. City County Building
Pgh. Murals. College Club
Pgh. Murals. Community College of Allegheny County South Campus
Pgh. Murals. Community of Reconciliation
Pgh. Murals. Community Savings Association (401 E. Ohio St.)
Pgh. Murals. Craig Street & Centre Avenue
Pgh. Murals. Duquesne University School of Pharmacy
Pgh. Murals. East Pittsburgh
Pgh. Murals. Eye and Ear Hospital
Pgh. Murals. Fifth Avenue High School
Pgh. Murals. Forbes Avenue & Delray Way
Pgh. Murals. Frick Fine Arts Building
Pgh. Murals. Fulton School Library
Pgh. Murals. Fulton Theater
Pgh. Murals. Gateway Center LRT Station
Pgh. Murals. Gimbels
Pgh. Murals. Grant Building
Pgh. Murals. H. J. Heinz
Pgh. Murals. Hailman Residence
Pgh. Murals. Heinz Field
Pgh. Murals. Highland Park
Pgh. Murals. Hillsdale School (Dormont)
Pgh. Murals. Hotel Henry
Pgh. Murals. Hunt Residence
Pgh. Murals. Jewish Community Center
Pgh. Murals. Johnstown Carnegie Library
Pgh. Murals. Kaufmann’s Department Store
Pgh. Murals. Lawrenceville Boys & Girls Club
Pgh. Murals. Massey Shoestore
Pgh. Murals. May Building Apartments (5th & Liberty)
Pgh. Murals. McKeesport
Pgh. Murals. Metropol
Pgh. Murals. Mifflin Grade School
Pgh. Murals. Miller Frame Shop
Pgh. Murals. Ninth Street (downtown)
Pgh. Murals. North Hills Passavant Hospital
Pgh. Murals. One Oliver Plaza
Pgh. Murals. Our Lady of Fatima Church (Collier)
Pgh. Murals. Penn Lincoln Hotel (Wilkinsburg)
Pgh. Murals. Phillips Park (Carrick)
Pgh. Murals. Pick Roosevelt Hotel
Pgh. Murals. Pittsburgh National Bank (East Liberty)
Pgh. Murals. Point Park Fort Pitt Museum
Pgh. Murals. Post Office & Court House
Pgh. Murals. Rainbow Kitchen
Pgh. Murals. Rankin
Pgh. Murals. Roberto Clemente Park
Pgh. Murals. Sacred Heart Church
Pgh. Murals. Saint Bernard’s Catholic Church (Mount Lebanon)
Pgh. Murals. Saint John the Baptist Cathedral (Munhall)
Pgh. Murals. Saint Mary (German) Catholic Church
Pgh. Murals. Saint Nicholas Roman Catholic Church (Millvale)
Pgh. Murals. Schenley High School
Pgh. Murals. Schmertz Residence
Pgh. Murals. Sheraton Inn (Monroeville)
Pgh. Murals. U.S. Steel-Mellon Building
Pgh. Murals. University of Pittsburgh. Cathedral of Learning
Pgh. Murals. University of Pittsburgh. Cleft Palate Center
Pgh. Murals. University of Pittsburgh. Victoria Hall
Pgh. Murals. Webster Avenue
Pgh. Murals. Webster Hall Hotel
Pgh. Murals. Westinghouse Electric
Pgh. Murals. Wholeys
Pgh. Murals. Wilkins Primary School Library
Pgh. Murals. Wilkinsburg High School
Pgh. Murals. Wood Street Subway Station

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