Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Presents “A Zombie Play With Brains”

Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Presents “A Zombie Play With Brains” -
The Revenants October 16 - 31, 2009
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Mark Clayton Southers, (412) 377-7803, austinsills(AT)comcast.net

Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company presents the local premiere of
The Revenants, an original horror drama by Scott T. Barsotti at its
Downtown Cultural District performance space, 542 Penn Avenue at Sixth
Street, Pittsburgh PA 15222, in the Jackman Building (the parking
garage across from Heinz Hall, above Starbucks.) Performance dates
are October 16 - 31, 2009, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM and 11:00
PM. Two additional performances will be added during the run’s final
week on Wednesday, October 28 and Thursday, October 29 at 8:00 PM.
Tickets are $17.50 general admission, or $35.00 for the October 31
11:00 PM performance, which will include a gala costume reception
featuring surprise special guests.

The Revenants honors the long-cherished traditions of Pittsburgh’s
rich zombie heritage as two young couples become barricaded in a
suburban basement during a violent uprising of the living dead. As
supplies run low and hopes dwindle, it is revealed that two of the
spouses are infected and getting... hungry. Faced with the true
meaning of commitment, husbands and wives must ask of each other: When
does love die?

Born and raised in Pittsburgh’s North Hills, Scott T. Barsotti is now
based in Chicago. His plays have been presented in Chicago, New York,
and New Orleans, and have been seen at the New York International
Fringe Festival, and The Rhinoceros Theater Festival. Mr. Barsotti is
a company member of Curious Theatre Branch and WildClaw Theatre, as
well as an Artistic Associate of Illegal Drama and Collaboraction. He
has an MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
and was recently honored as a Resident Playwright at Chicago
Dramatists. PPTCO’s production of The Revenants marks his Pittsburgh

Produced by PPTCO founder and Artistic Director Mark Clayton
Southers, The Revenants features actors Makeda Duncan-Parker, Todd
Betker, David Conley, and Valentina Benrexi. Recently named PPTCO
Artistic Associate Mark Whitehead serves as Director and Sound
Designer. Special Visual Effects are crafted by nationally acclaimed
FX wizard Steve Tolin. Other design and crew personnel include
Raymond “Chang” James (Set Design and Construction), Eric Smith
(Lights), James Edwards (Props), Cheryl El-Walker (Costumes and
Make-Up), Jason Stinnette (Stage Manager) John Gresh (Voice Coach) and
Mark C. Thompson (Movement and Fight Consultant).

The Revenants kicks off Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre’s seventh
season. Upcoming plays for 2009-2010 are Sanctified by Javon Johnson,
Valu-Mart by Sean O'Leary, and Jitney by August Wilson. Season
subscriptions are available for $65.00. To order tickets, including
season passes, call ProArts Tickets at 412-394-3353 or visit
proartstickets.org. For group sales, contact Twanda Clark at
412-708-1503. For more information on Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre
Company visit pghplaywrights.com.

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Critical reviews of past productions of The Revenants:

The Revenants was previously produced at the New York International
Fringe Festival and at WildClaw Theatre in Chicago. A sampling of
critical reviews includes:

“[A] thoroughly successful melding of the relationship drama and the
zombie apocalypse. The Revenants is horror all the way - especially
if the notion of missing, broken, or mutilated love is horrific. Or
the notion of love, like zombification, destroying your personality,
your history, your free will... Chekov would approve, as would George
Romero. In other words - go see it... see it with someone you’d shoot
through the brain, or chain up in the garage, should it come to that.”
FlamesRising.com - Kenneth Hite

“Delightful... transcends formula schlock... The Revenants opens with
a mini-masterpiece of unnerving terror... The end, as you might
expect, isn’t pretty. But it is as perverse a happily-ever-after as
you could possibly want from a tale of love among ghouls.” Windy City
Times - Catey Sullivan

“This play has the perfect balance of humor, creepiness, emotional
moments, and yes even some blood and gore... The Revenants is
definitely a play worth seeing.” Horror Society - Jessica Wells

“CRITIC’S CHOICE: Compelling... at once uncanny and emotionally
 Chicago Reader - Tony Adler

“The Revenants is not to be missed!... Scott T. Barsotti has hit the
nail on the head when it comes to zombies. It’s not really about the
zombies; it’s about the people left behind.”
 Killer-Works.com - Jude

“Barsotti’s play offers more brain food than cheap thrills... it’s
refreshing to see a piece firmly centered on the central question of
what makes us human - our appetite for survival at any cost, or our
need for love and companionship?”
 Chicago Tribune - Kerry Reid

“RECOMMENDED: A Must-See Show! When the emotional entanglements of
all four characters’ shared pasts are laid bare, the horror-house
shocks and interpersonal bickering become something far more
emotionally arresting. The Revenants shows how love can last longer
than life itself, and its effects can be both beautiful and
 Centerstage Chicago - Geoff Hyatt

“The audience feels like they are trapped in the basement with these
four characters, giving a total theatre experience that is
appropriately unnerving.”
 NYTheatre.com - Josh Sherman

“[A] tight, edgy, claustrophobic and suspenseful character drama with
harrowing moments and deep emotional resonance. It’s full of terror,
pathos, humor, and humanity that serves to elevate the zombie
archetype into a rich metaphor for past love, relationships, and
 Sword and Cloak - David Schmidt

“Scott T. Barsotti’s somber zombie drama The Revenants contains a
surprising emotional elasticity particularly for those anticipating
nothing more than an all out limb flinging gore fest. Those schooled
in horror, though, know that the best of the genre (wherein The
Revenants firmly places itself) picks at the heart as well as the fear
 Chicago Free Press - Brian Kirst

“A zombie play with brains.” KitleysKrypt.com - Jon Kitley