Monday, January 25, 2010

Pittsburgh Artists Deserve More Press from Pittsburgh Media

Pittsburgh based visual artists? Yes, we have many talented ones in Pittsburgh, despite the lack of attention from Pittsburgh media outlets. The "media", what's left of it, seems to be more interested in showcasing our world class museums and small circle of certain art galleries. Oh well, that's what blogs are for I guess. Take a look at the growing list of curated Pittsburgh artist links I'm working on which are noted to the right of The Pittsburgh Art Blog. Feel free to email any links you feel may qualify, as long as they are Pittsburgh based. For artists who don't have an online presence it's as easy as registering for free at the Pittsburgh Artist Registry (recommended for all artists). The Pittsburgh Artist Registry is a project from the Office of Public Art and not related officially with this blog.

The below list is not obviously meant to replace or take away from the Pittsburgh Artist Registry, only my take on quality Pittsburgh based visual artists whose work I've come across.

Last Update February 9, 2013

    Find more at the Pittsburgh Artist Registry