Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CMU + Pgh Filmmakers Caught Looking at PNC Park April 28 2010

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Wednesday April 28, 2010

SCREENING, 7-8pm, PNC Park, North Side
RECEPTION, 8:30-10pm, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, 477 Melwood Ave.

For the 4th year in a row the School of Art and Pittsburgh Filmmakers take over one of our country’s most beautiful sports stadiums in the name of video art! Don’t miss this chance to see over 50 1-minute videos on Pittsburgh’s biggest screen — the Jumbotron.


CIOCCI, adjunct professor of video and animation at Carnegie Mellon, is also a member of the Paper Rad art collective, whose videos have been exhibited in venues across the world including Deitch Projects, the New Museum, MOMA, Migros Museum in Zurich and the ICA in Chicago. SWENSEN, director of Pittsburgh Filmmakers, was previously a professor of romance languages at Brandeis University. He has written various articles appearing in scholarly journals such as “The Russian Review.”

To attend “Caught Looking IV” visitors must enter the press entrance at PNC Park on West General Robinson Street. A reception will be held afterward from 8:30-10pm at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

No excuse for not attending! Bus ride available, and will be leaving at 6:15 from behind CFA on Frew Street. Then 8:15 from PNC Park to Pgh Filmmakers. More info to come.


part 1:

m. callen (cmu art undergrad)
daniel luchman (cmu art grad)
paolo pedercini (cmu art faculty)
kevin ramser (cmu/pitt art undergrad)
martin swift (cmu art undergrad)
tony balko and tony patera (filmmakers)
jacob beatty (cmu art undergrad)
julia kennedy (cmu art undergrad)
youshin song (cmu art undergrad)
jesse england (cmu art grad)
natalia gomez (cmu art undergrad)
gretchen neidert and marina pfenning pt. 1 (filmmakers)
alicia ledden pt. 1 (cmu art undergrad)
christopher smalley (filmmakers)
ana hawkins (filmmakers)

part 2:
chelsea lupkin (cmu art undergrad)
brenda battad (cmu art undergrad)
laura paoletti (cmu art undergrad)
joo huyn lee (cmu art undergrad)
jim mueller (filmmakers)
john carson (cmu art faculty)
haydee naula (cmu art undergrad)
gretchen neidert and marina pfenning pt. 2 (filmmakers)
rebecca scully (cmu art undergrad)
colton harris moore (filmmakers)
stephanie huang (cmu undergrad)
alicia ledden pt. 2 (cmu art undergrad)
suzie silver (cmu art faculty)

part 3:
riley harmon (cmu art grad)
stacey lu (cmu art undergrad)
paul zelevansky (cmu alumn)
ben hernstrom (filmmakers)
heather stanco (cmu art undergrad)
robyn gray (cmu art undergrad)
agnes bolt (cmu art grad)
jen inman (cmu art undergrad)
dana lok (cmu art undergrad)
thom mocconell (filmmakers)
brenda battad (cmu art undergrad)
matt day (filmmakers)
gretchen neidert and marina pfenning pt. 3 (filmmakers)
alicia ledden part 3 (cmu art undergrad)


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