Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fools Gold Unsmoke Art Space / Braddock

By: Agnes Bolt, Julie Leidner, Daniel Luchman, Jennifer Myers and Michelle Gratacos-Arill

Saturday September 18 / 8 - 11 pm
Unsmoke Art Space / Braddock

FOOLS GOLD will showcase three new works by five artists:

Julie Leidner and Agnes Bolt
Made in collaboration with 2 residents of Braddock and combining power, play, and a bit of unfiltered reality, this piece examines different kinds of currencies that exist in Braddock.

Ordeal by Gold
Daniel Luchman
For three hours a wandering continent will circumambulate the gallery, be skewered by rods and arrows, as golden artifacts are collected and mounted onto its back until it collapses from exhaustion.

The Blind Spot of the Dream
Jennifer Myers and Michelle Gratacos-Arill
A tour of a blind dream that leads you to an extinct mammal.

Unsmoke Systems Artspace
1137 Braddock Ave.
Braddock PA 15104


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