Thursday, October 6, 2011

"This is NOT Art" by J.D. Whitewolf

"This is NOT Art" by J.D. Whitewolf

Exploring the differences between technology and design and art.

5125 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Runs from Oct 7 to Oct 29, 2011

Take a self-guided tour of some of the artifacts of the latest designpocalypse and learn, by way of vivid examples, some of the ways we've been duped into believing that design, and the technology that underlies it, is 'art'. Bonus Material: free definition of art with every visit!
Multi-diciplinary works utilizing materials as varied as computer monitors, freshly cut logs, and at least one toilet! Visitors are encouraged to practice the enlightening and enjoyable activity of thinking for themselves*.

*While being told what to think, of course!

Artists Statement:

"Ever since we've had philosophy and something to write on we've been asking the question 'What is art?'. Many opinions have been offered -- nearly one for each person who's lived since antiquity. Now, thanks to techniques such as differential neurophysiology, and tools such as the Laws of Evolution, we are finally beginning to build towards answering this question. Most of us have been trained, by incessant marketing, to believe that the well designed stuff that surrounds us is 'art'. This show gives us a moment to take a step back from some of the designed objects in our lives and re-evaluate the idea of 'design as art'."

J.D. Whitewolf is currently the 'Designgineer' at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. At the ETC he brings his experience to bear guiding students as they learn to 'assemble' and build cool things. Prior to joining the staff at CMU, Mr. Whitewolf was the staff engineer at the Human Engineering Research Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh. Before moving to Pittsburgh, he and his wife and children resided outside of Richmond, Virginia, where he worked prototyping autonomous vehicle technology for the Science Museums of Virginia and where he continued his previous 20 year career as a theatrical production designer and technical director. Mr. Whitewolf is one of the founding members of the African American Repertory Theatre (Virginia) and is the creator of the theory of emotional perception called 'Spatial Harmonics'. He is also an advisor to the board of Assemble, an educational arts and technology center, and says he looks forward to sharing with, and learning from, the arts community here in Pittsburgh.


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