Friday, September 11, 2009

Pittsburgh Brew House Artists Looking For Space

The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council is working with our member organization, The Brew House Association (BHA), to create a resource list for the resident artists who are being displaced due to the City’s temporary shut-down of the Brew House’s facilities, pending the BHA’s upgrades to comply with building and fire codes.

Approximately 25 artists of various disciplines have been displaced from both living and studio spaces. We are writing to inquire about any rental spaces (either living or working) that your organization may have available, or may be aware of. We have created a very short webform to help compile this information for the artists. If you have space available, please visit here to enter the information. If you are aware of other organizations who may serve as resources for the relocation of these artists, please forward this message to them.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding alternative venues, please contact Dek Ingraham, Development and Membership Coordinator at 412.391.2060, ext. 234, ringraham(AT) or Christiane Leach, Executive Assistant at 412.391.2060, ext. 228, cleach(AT)