Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rock, Paper, Scissors Exhibit at Air, Space and Fe Gallery

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Rock, Paper, Scissors
opening April 2

one art exhibition
three unique galleries
three distinct neighborhoods

April 2 through May 23, 2010

Rock, Paper, Scissors is an art exhibition linking three unique galleries located in three distinct Pittsburgh neighborhoods and featuring local, national, and international artists.

Each venue will focus on one of the three titular materials—Rock at SPACE in the Cultural District, encompassing work ranging from video to installation art; Paper at Artists Image Resource (AIR) on the historic North Side, presenting intricate paper cut-outs, sculpture, and more; and Scissors at cutting-edge Fe Arts Gallery in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh’s newest arts scene, featuring all things sharp and some shiny, including electric and kinetic elements.

The exhibition title reflects the playful competition of the children’s game that inspired it. As competitors, the three galleries take turns winning. The triangle of galleries, like the triangle of rivers, represents a spirit of cooperation among the collaborating participants and a linking of diverse neighborhoods that characterize the city.

Jill Larson

opening April 2

812 Liberty Avenue
in the Cultural District
Wed. + Thurs. 11am–6pm
Fri. + Sat. 11am–8pm
Sun. 11am–5pm
(free parking)

Atticus Adams
Jennifer Bechak
George Davis
Anna Divinsky
Marshall Goodwin
Ian Ingram
Delanie Jenkins
Melissa Kuntz
Jill Larson
Carin Mincemoyer
James J. Nestor
Judith Schumacher
Michael Sherwin
Joshua Space
Laura Tabakman
Alexandra Watrous
Barbara Weissberger
Adam Welch

at Artists Image Resource (AIR)
opening April 2

518 Foreland Street
on the North Side
Tues.–Sat. 11am–4pm
and by appointment:

Jesse Alan Brown
Connie Cantor
Carolyn Clayton
Alexandra Etschmaier
Kyu Lee Kim
Akiko Kotani
Ana Kovacic
Bovey Lee
Anna E. Mikolay
Erika Osborne
Anne Wodtcke

at Fe Arts Gallery
opening April 2

4102 Butler Street
in Lawrenceville
Thurs.–Sat. 12–3pm

Rose Clancy
Kat Cole
Nicole Czapinski
Adrienne Heinrich
Ryan Keene
Wade Kramm
Keny Marshall
Laura Jean McLaughlin
Randie Snow
Laura Wood

All three galleries are free and open to the public.

Puke It Out!
Puke It Out!” is a collaboration between Nicole Czapinski, Bryan Kyckelhahn, and everyone willing to participate. This evening of performance art addresses the necessity to create, to make something right now, to get it out of your system, to “Puke It Out!”

Artists Image Resource (AIR): “Paper Thoughts” at 6pm
Fe Arts Gallery:
“Sloppy Cut, Dress Ups” at 7:30 pm
“Melting Bling” at 9:30 pm

This exhibition is supported in part by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, The Heinz Endowments, the Neighborhood Investment Association, and The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.


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