Thursday, March 18, 2010

Support The Open Thread Regional Review

The Open Thread Regional Review is publishing your peers' best art and writing. Don't believe us? Just visit the online preview of our inaugural edition. If it's by an emerging artist or writer from Ohio, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia, we're interested. If it's great work, we're publishing it.

Now, we're gearing up to release our second volume: bigger, better, and with your help, more affordable. Isn't the cover gorgeous? The image comes from the work of the book's Featured Artist, Elin Lennox of Pittsburgh, with design by our Featured Designer, Seth Clark of Pittsburgh.

If you'd like to see this kind of work continue to be published and circulated, you can make it happen right now. Just buy one $10 tile, and you can fund the printing costs for one of our first 50 pages! That artist or writer will know exactly who to thank - you! - for their page in the anthology. Best of all, your name will appear in the book to thank you for your role. (Please be sure we have your email address to confirm how you will be credited.)

Open Thread is an arts service organization that establishes and develops frameworks for artistic discovery in Pittsburgh and the surrounding tri-state area, with an emphasis on the emerging artists, writers, and performers who live and work here. To learn more about how our programs and publications might serve you, visit today!

The publication and distribution of the Open Thread Regional Review, Vol. 2, is supported in part by a Seed Award from The Sprout Fund.

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