Friday, October 1, 2010

Artists Image Resource (AIR) Ninth Annual October Benefit, Saturday, October 9 2010

Artists Image Resource
Ninth Annual

October Benefit
Saturday, October 9
4:00 pm to midnight

$10.00 for all-day access and activities

silent auction of works from the AIR archive by national and regional artists;
hands-on activities, mono-printing, letterpress printing and screenprinting;
demonstrations of print-making processes;
original print editions for sale;
A screening of videos and animations by local artists
food + drink from area restaurants and food vendors;
Live bands and DJ’s
Music, dance and drag performances.

October 9 Artists and Performers ----- Jerstin Crosby is a Pittsburgh-based multi-media artist who combines free association, environmental extremism, animal rights, advertising and humor to unexpected ends. Much of Jerstin's work is formatted around mainstream and marginalized means of information dissemination like television, billboards, bulletin boards, and the web. For this project, in association with Artists Image Resource, he is screen printing a new series of editioned larger-than-life 'bulletin board' flyers, some real....most imagined, as part of an ongoing series, plainly titled "Community News and Events". His work has been exhibited internationally, and has been published in Artforum, Art Papers, and Time Out London. For more information visit Jerstin Crosby's website,

--Nina Sarnelle & Craig Fahner Nina Sarnelle and Craig Fahner present a installation dance performance for your enjoyment the evening of October 9th.

--Craig Fahner is a new arrival to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania by way of Calgary and Montreal. A recent graduate of Concordia University's Intermedia/Cyberarts program and co-founder of the Sensorium Lab at the University of Calgary, Craig is interested in reconstituting technology to create work that engages physical space, enabling kinesthesis and exploration as modes of critical interpretation

--The Wrong Airport Pittsburgh indie-rock duo The Wrong Airport celebrates with AIR following the release of their first album, Arrivals & Departures.

--Joy Toujours Joy Toujours an up-beat inventive band influenced by , “Pittsburgh winters, and the innocent intelligence of youth”. They sound like, “ukulele, violin, dulcimer, saxophone, accordion, guitar, bass guitar, percussion, megaphone, telephone, tattoo machines, and pretty much anything else we show up with, sometimes a bouncy castle or a sailboat”

--Sleep Experiments A Pittsburgh based ambient “dreampop” trio, Sleep Experiments traps audiences in a trance-like somnambulistic state with electric loops, angelic voices, electric and acoustic guitar.

--Therm & Soul United in lyrics, beats, friendship, and a darned good show, DJ Thermos and SoulDivide. Their raps sound like soul opened up and put on a roll, grease frying chicken, real talk and then some, wisdom in a lady ear, and the sound you make putting your head on the cool side of the pillow.

--Dean Cercone, Ethereal and transcendent Dean Cercone has performed in Pittsburgh with such luminaries as Black Dice and Gangwish. Ambedextrious, he plays all of the sounds he creates at once, layer upon layer.

--DJ James Wong --Veronica Bleaus --VJ Fagnelly and the peacockcocks --Powerpoint Presentation by Laura Miller

--Obscure Games Obscure Games Pittsburgh finds, invents, and plays strange, new, and obscure sports. We play our games, we play other people’s games, we play games pulled from antiquity, change rules as we see fit, and usually forget to keep score. Visit our website to learn more about upcoming games and other events, and come play with us!

--Some Kind of Circus Some Kind of Circus entertains because they love performance. This group wows crowds by juggling orbs, and performing seemingly impossible feats across a loose rope. Friendly and knowledgeable this group makes anyone dream of running away with the circus. ---------------

Artists Image Resource
518 Foreland Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Phone: 412/321-8664


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