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Artist Fumino Hora at PGC, Nov 5 to Jan 17, 2010/2011

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The Way of Saṃsāra

Fumino Hora's website.

November 5, 2010 - January 17, 2011

Opening Reception: Nov 5 Friday 6-9 pm

From the PGC Website:

Have you ever felt that you have lived another life before this one?

Saṃsāra is the Sanskrit word for the perpetual cycle of birth, death and rebirth in which human souls are inescapably caught. The ultimate Buddhist goal is to achieve Nirvana: the final release from this endless earthly cycle. Traditional Buddhism teaches that Nirvana can only be attained through the practice of strict bodily discipline. Japanese Zen, however, does not urge the complete abandonment of all sensory pleasures in one’s quest for awakening. Artist Fumino Hora’s The Way of Saṃsāra explores and advocates the Zen art of striking a delicate balance between appreciating the transient beauties of the physical world, and turning away from those same beauties in pursuit of the elusive state of Nirvana. Human beings are inherently both physically and spiritually imperfect. However, despite these flaws and errors, Zen Buddhism upholds human beings and life itself as being transiently beautiful, and worthy of being cherished and celebrated.

This semi-site-specific installation will envelop the viewer into a sense of greater serenity and state of self-reflection. The human body is used as a metaphor to invoke an appreciation of the beauty in all things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Glass, paper, photography and video work together to create a meditative space. All of the materials used are symbolic in that they, by their nature, are also transient and ephemeral.

Fumino Hora is a native of Tokyo, Japan. She gained a BFA and MFA from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. Currently she is a candidate for the DFA with RMIT University. She came to Pittsburgh in 2006 after living in Hong Kong for 14 years. She has studied photography at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, and has been a resident artist at Pittsburgh Glass Center this year.

This installation is in collaboration with Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

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