Monday, January 3, 2011

The 10th Annual Art Inter/National Art Exhibition, Box Heart Gallery

The 10th Annual Art Inter/National Art Exhibition
January 4, - January 29, 2011
Public Reception: Saturday, January 8th: 5 pm - 8 pm.
Free and open to the public.

Box Heart Gallery
4523 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
P. 412 687 8858
F. 412 687 6338

2nd image (submitted by the artist) info: artist Ariela Steif, 20101013, encaustic, 5" x 13" x 9", 2010.

from their website:

The basis for an invitation to participate in The Art Inter/National Exhibition is sensitive to the diversity of work submitted; Box Heart strives to recognize that artists make art for different reasons and from different experiences. Box Heart looks closely for works that convey evidence of personal creative explorations and artistic commitment that directly relate to the purpose of the exhibition. A large part of determining the artist’s commitment to the exhibition’s theme rests solely on their ability to convey this evidence through the artist statement. The execution of the art work - as related to the artist’s intention - is then considered.

The artwork selected for this year’s Art Inter/National Exhibition is unified by the concept that nature and human nature are intertwined by a powerful connection. For many of the artists, inspiration is drawn from the scenery of their everyday lives. For artist Dorothea Sarteschi, her work is expressed through visions of her life. "It is an emotional roller coaster of pictorial drama of the most commonplace intimacies of life -- a visual phrase in living colour." Art is a vehicle to make these everyday things into something extraordinary. Artist Katria Foster explains, "The simple things make our lives comfortable, livable, and, in the end, tell the story of who we are."

Artist Ivan de Monbrison paints in black and white to represent human beings more as shadows than as fleshy bodies. He writes, "to represent ourselves is still a mirror to our own self, and the consciousness we have of it is reflected in the very image on the surface. In a world of technology, to choose to use still a very classical medium like painting is a way to set a bridge with the past resisting the facility of technology but with the will to represent the world with a modern eye." German artist Michael Dobbelt feels that art, specifically painting, "aims to express a social and environmental justice and consciousness."

Artist Scott Nelson Foster paints lower income housing structures because "these utilitarian dwellings express most succinctly the relationship between home, society, and the land. Encaustic artist Ariela Steif writes "in medieval folklore the spaces in the margins, those which are betwixt and between – the edge of the sea, between night and day, doorways and thresholds – were thought to be dangerous regions of power and transformation. These marginal spaces are reflected in the themes that her work explores: contradictory bodies that are endlessly in the 'act of becoming'."

Join us for the public reception of this year's Art Inter/National Exhibition on Saturday, January 8th, 2011. It is free and open to the public.

To view this year's participating artists, visit Participants!


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