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Fe Gallery presents Donald Judd Remix, curated by Vicky A. Clark


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Fe Gallery presents Donald Judd Remix, curated by Vicky A. Clark

"Donald Judd's boxes defined minimalism by setting an iconic example. A priori decisions, industrial materials, proportional relationships, hand of the artist gone, non-referential, clean, serial. They were killers that changed the way we viewed forms and works of art. Even later critical interpretations couldn't alter the stripped down essentialism.

It would take time for artists to assimilate and interpret his forms. So it began: any use of boxes referred back to Judd. I doubt that the four artists in Donald Judd Remix based their work directly on Judd, but there is the acknowledgment of a minimalist structure. All point to aspects of the originals: serialization, display, materials, etc. But they include the personal in a variety of ways, leaving the sterile behind. They add what Judd left out, creating a new kind of minimalism, or at least expanding the original definition by emphasizing meaning and the personal and the hand of the artist.

I have always thought that the stringent definition eliminated too much work that was minimal, another example of an exclusive decision rather than an inclusive one, and one which, as most acknowledge, left out painters."

Vicky A. Clark teaches art history at Clarion University of PA and is the director of its art gallery.

Participating artists include: Jeremy Boyle, Bill Radawec, Mark Franchino and Janet Towbin

Opening Reception: Friday, March 18th, 7:00-9:00pm

Exhibition runs from March 18-April 23, 2011


Join us Saturday, March 19th for a conversation with the curator and artists beginning at 2:00pm in the gallery.

Call for Curatorial Proposals

Fe Gallery is currently accepting proposals to be a Guest Curator for the 8/12-9/17 slot. The deadline to submit your application is Friday, April 1, 2011.

Please click here for more information.


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