Thursday, March 28, 2013

Voter Registration Deadline for Pittsburgh Primary is April 22, 2013

The mayoral primary, May 21, 2013, will ultimately be the deciding vote for Pittsburgh's next mayor.  And because we live in a highly regressive state known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that means only registered Democrats will have a determining voice in who the next mayor will be.  I have sent in a change of party status temporarily so I can vote in this most important primary.  It has been over 15 years since I was a registered Democrat so that shows how important I believe this race will be.  

A current list of candidates can be found here.   Of particular note are Democratic candidates Bill Peduto and Michael Lamb, who declared before Ravenstahl withdrew.

You have until April 22, 2013 to register to vote and I'm assuming that means any changes in your registration as well.

The deadline for in-person voter registration is 30 days prior to each primary or election. Registration-by-mail forms must be postmarked no later than the voter registration deadline in order to be processed for the upcoming primary or election.


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