Monday, October 22, 2007

Silver Eye New Works Gallery Shows

Top: © Jessica Gogan Bottom: © Rebecca Palmer

New Works Gallery

The New Works Gallery is a space for Silver Eye members to exhibit their recent work, rotating each month. The two-person exhibition is dedicated to keeping members and visitors informed of contemporary trends in the field. The New Works Gallery features images by photographers selected from submissions to Silver Eye’s Exhibition Opportunities.

New Works Gallery: September 26 – October 27, 2007
Features: Jessica Gogan of Pittsburgh, PA and Rebecca Palmer of Los Altos, CA

Jessica Gogan

I grew up in Ireland where winters had a temperate soft quality. So, in moving continents, I found myself surprisingly embracing the extremes of Canadian winters. During the coldest months, strange burlap-wrapped creatures would populate the embankments of Toronto Ontario’s highways. I was enamored with my adopted country’s public works gesture of wrapping and protecting its young fir trees alongside major routes. Yet it was only upon leaving Canada for the US that I began to photograph them on subsequent return visits. I drove around, scouring the landscape for their strange shapes, persuaded loved ones to drop me on the sides of highways, and withstood numerous frostbitten fingers to take hundreds of shots. As if stills from a singular film portrait, the resulting images, while ethereal and otherworldly, for me conjure very human images of liveliness, striving and struggle.

Rebecca Palmer
The Garden

I explored a large organic garden in northern California during different seasons of the year. This three-acre garden in Sonoma County is a teaching center. By modeling principles of a wild farm, the gardens speak to the goals of sustainable agriculture and harmony with nature.

At this beautiful site, I photographed at dawn, which is when plant activity begins. I looked into shadows of the unlit land to see light and growth. In the broadest sense, a garden can be seen as a metaphor for hopeful beginnings. I worked with infrared film which records plant activity. Since this film is grainy and somewhat imprecise, the resulting images can be seen as impressions rather than as fixed and detailed certainties. This “unfixed” quality reflects my own questionings: in our highly urbanized society, will fragile processes of growth prevail against onslaughts of industrialization?

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