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Art in Public: Expressing Youth Voices in Pittsburgh Contest

Art in Public: Expressing Youth Voices in Pittsburgh

Art Energy Design's Pittsburgh Power Flowers

from Rick Byerly:

this is something i'm really excited about. several months ago i was fortunate to have been approached by artist david l edwards with an incredible idea to merge public art with sustainable energy. since then i've joined on and will help with marketing, sales and community relations. the goal in general is to raise money to then sell these sculptures to already interested parties like Phipps Conservatory.

the first one he has already built is a 12 foot metal sunflower sculpture with the petals functioning as the wind turbine and the leaves as l.e.d. lighting. it lights up at night and will have the capacity to charge cell phones and the like. in the next few days i will be photographing the working model.

the details on the Pittsburgh Power Flowers are here.

we have an opportunity to receive a $25,000 grant from the grable and pittsburgh foundations to involve pittsburgh youth in the design and use of these power flowers and are excited about the possibilities. after the initial grant we will be donating 2 of the 5 power flowers to pittsburgh organizations which best support youth voices. just today we picked up an important pittsburgh public school connection. one of the things which makes our project stand out is it's financial sustainability. the other 3 flowers we will sell and plow the money back into creating new flowers of different designs and colors to sell to interested parties.i'm asking for your help in registering at the changemakers website and post comments as you see fit about the Pittsburgh Power Flowers project.

the register link is here and the link to our entry is here.

the window for relevant comments is very short as they start considering the applications May 21. the voting begins june 8 and everyone who registers at changemakers will be eligible to vote. i'll send a reminder that day.we will also be debuting the working model at pittsburgh technology councils' art and tech kickoff on june 18, 2009. more details closer to that date.thanks for your time!

rick byerly,

The Competition:

The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Grable Foundation are partnering with Ashoka’s Changemakers to build a movement that will use public art to capture the creativity and activism of youth in Pittsburgh. We’re looking for projects that empower youth to demonstrate what’s important to them through well-designed, sustainable public art. The most inspired projects will be publicly recognized and two winners will receive $25,000 grants to fund their projects. We are looking for artists and those who love art to create a new type of innovative public art in the greater Pittsburgh area. Most of the public art in our region does not reflect the experiences of young people and their responses to the issues they care about. If you believe in the power of art to transform public spaces, engage youth, and inspire social change in our community, it’s time to get involved.details about the changemakers competition:

Art in Public: Expressing Youth Voices in Pittsburgh entries will be accepted until May 20, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time. Individuals and teams are encouraged to submit ideas early so they can receive comments, questions, and insights from the Changemakers and Pittsburgh Foundation communities, which can be used to improve their entries before the final deadline.

Here’s how the Challenge will work:

Entry Stage, April 8 – May 20, 2009: Entries can be submitted until May 20, 2009, 6:00 p.m. US Eastern Standard Time. Entries may be submitted by teams or individuals. Supporters are encouraged to nominate entrants, add comments and participate in the online review discussion with the entrants.

Online Review and Judging, May 21 – June 5, 2009: Online review and discussion continue during this phase. Simultaneously, a panel of experts and community members from the Pittsburgh region will select between 5-10 Finalists. Finalists will be announced on June 5, 2009.

Online Voting, June 8 – June 24, 2009: The Changemakers community votes online to select the 2 grant-winners from the slate of Finalists. Anyone who registers with Changemakers online is eligible to vote and Finalists will be encouraged to mobilize their supporters within the Pittsburgh region. Everyone who enters the challenge will receive increased exposure to the Pittsburgh Foundation, regional grantmakers and others who are interested in public art and youth expression. Participation in the competition offers the opportunity to receive feedback on your idea from fellow entrants, Changemakers and Pittsburgh Foundation staff, judges, and the Changemakers community.

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