Monday, December 14, 2009

Pittsburgh Citiparks and the Power Flower Team Up

In addition to receiving a Sprout Fund Seed Award in 2009, Art Energy Design is pleased to have Pittsburgh Citiparks onboard as a additional sponsor to the Power Flower Tour. With Sprout Fund and Citipark's help AED's Pittsburgh Power Flower will expand the reach of education workshops and sculpture exhibitions throughout the Spring and Summer of 2010. Activities are planned for 8 city park locations. Public demonstrations of the solar, wind and green features of the working sculpture will be given.

We will also have something fun for the kids. The park exhibitions will unleash "Bug Fest". Sculptural metallic insects will perform feats of strength, demonstrate mechanical motion and inspire creative reuse design. Some insects even feature LED lights and spotlight the actions of the other bugs. The bugs interact with the flower sculpture which serves as their home base and recharging area. They can ride up a "bug elevator" and spin back down to the ground with the help of a helically shaped snake named Screwy. There are spiders, ants crickets and even a mouse. Each has a function that inspires creative thinking.

Dave Edwards, founder of Art Energy Design adds, " This is all about fun. Each bug activity demonstrates a basic mechanical or electrical function. The kids really get it. They ask many questions and offer some great ideas. We continuously incorporate ideas offered by the public into new creations. Art is a great way to connect with people at any level of understanding of green technologies. We answer questions from adults about energy storage, control and usage...and have a great time interacting with the kids."