Monday, May 9, 2011

John Metzler, Artists on Air, WDUQ Pittsburgh PA

Artists on Air is a tremendous Pittsburgh project.

The much beloved and missed John Metzler is covered here.

John Metzler

Pittsburgh loses lots of trees to development, disease and pests every year and the Urban Tree Forge gives some of the timber a second life as building material, furniture and art. The woodworker John Metzler founded the organization. He was killed in May 2010 by a runaway U-haul trailer as he cut wood outside the Forge. Larkin Page-Jacobs has his artist profile.

Click here to listen to the story.

The Pittsburgh Art Blog's tribute to John Metzler is here. it is one of the most visited links.


The Pittsburgh Art Blog

The Pittsburgh Art Blog features selected pittsburgh artists and upcoming exhibits with photos from the artists and galleries. since the major press outlets do not go beyond a directory listing of exhibits, blogs are needed to promote pittsburgh artists and their work. the blog also calls attention to the inferiority complex of pittsburgh art and how it's perpetuated by the major players in town. Started on August 20,2007. pittsburgh area galleries and art venues are listed at the sister site

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  1. Thanks for bringing this to folks' attention Rick. It's just about a year now that our community lost John and he is sorely missed. Happily, the Tree Forge forges on, and I know in my heart that his energy, spirit, and commitment are remembered and passed along by many who knew him...

  2. thanks for posting this rick!

  3. It was very bittersweet to be driving by the studio at exactly the moment WYEP was playing this. Wonder of all wonders...have you seen the spouts growing out of that beautiful log out front?? Like the interview said...his work will continue to grow in ways none of us could ever imagine.

  4. i'll check it out, thanks for posting...