Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"When Pigments Fly" James Kappernaros

*Headline *– "When Pigments Fly" — An exploration of color, form and swine

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh artist James Kappernaros will open his first solo exhibition, "When Pigments Fly" at Istanbul Grille Friday (4130 Butler St., Lawrenceville), May 20, at 8 p.m. The exhibit, sponsored by ArtDimensions Pittsburgh, features original pieces exploring the physical world and how we perceive form and color. The opening will feature free food, a ham give-away, a pinata and belly dancers. "When Pigments Fly" is free and open to the public; Istanbul Grille is a BYOB-friendly establishment with a $3 corking fee.

James Kappenaros has been a working artist and designer for over a decade and has been teaching Art in Pittsburgh for more than five years. Kappernaros works with a wide range of media from traditional paint and Illustration tools such as colored pencil, pastel and marker to electronically produced illustrations using Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop to Photography. He has worked as a web designer, graphic designer, portrait artist, photographer and illustrator since Graduating from La Roche College with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. Kappenaros went back to school to earn a teaching certification from Carlow University in order to be able
to teach full time.

ArtDimensions Pittsburgh started from a community conversation between Friendship Development Associates, Inc., East Liberty Development, Inc. and local artist Susan Wagner in February, 2008. Organized by Friendship Arts District Manager, Matt Galluzzo, the question was, "How do we support the 400 artists living in the East End of Pittsburgh?" An arts organization was formed, and ArtDimensions has branched out to Lawrenceville, Downtown, and Regent Square with its exhibits and corporate art rotation program. ArtD's recent exhibits include the successful Vices & Virtues (April 2010) and ArtD Shows PDA (December 2010). ArtDimensions has also hosted many educational seminars for artists, including "The Basics" a seminar providing legal and marketing assistance to community artists, and "The Golden Ratio: Accounting Dimensions that Never Change," a seminar on taxes and finance for artists.


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