Friday, June 10, 2011

Lifestyle Boutique, Pratique SPACE, will open its doors July 15, Pittsburgh PA


New Gallery and “Lifestyle Boutique” Opens in Lawrenceville
Pittsburgh, PA

4027 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Phone: 412-728-2625

Friday, July 15 is a big night for galleries in Lawrenceville! A Lifestyle Boutique, Pratique SPACE, will open its doors with a solo show of artist Dale Luce, “Growing Home-Biology/Architecture” on view from July 15-September 30, 2011. The opening reception will be held on July 15, 2011 from 6-9PM.

Artist Dale Luce has created an installation of sculptures inspired by the artificial modification of plants to create a living domicile. The catalyst for this work was the research of Dr. Taylor and the experimentation of Zbigniew Oksiuta. Luce’s eclectic approach brings together topics and ideas that are typically found in separate fields, yet he blends seamlessly together.

Dale was inspired by an article which discussed the work of Dr. Doris Taylor, an expert in the field of regenerative medicine. She and her team at the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis are growing human hearts with the hope that they will start beating within a few weeks.

The process involves taking a donor heart and washing it with a powerful detergent, which removes the heart cells leaving behind the collagen framework. The scaffold structure is then covered with millions of patient's stem cells and fed with nutrients. The stem cell recognize the collagen heart structure and begin to turn into heart muscle cells, creating an organ that the body would not reject.

In a parallel vein to Dr. Taylor's work artist/architect Zbigniew Oksiuta has worked with biological polymers to create membrane materials that can be used on a human scale. Oksiuta injects plant animal cells into a structural element to stimulate the breeding process that he calls biological fabrication.

Luce’s began to imagine how similar principles could be used on plants to create structures for habitation. This would go far beyond genetically altering plants to create better building materials, but would be a procedure for coaxing a plant to assemble a dwelling customized to each persons needs. This "building" would be a “living” home in total harmony with its environment.

Pratique SPACE

Pratique SPACE is a lifestyle boutique that blends art commerce and industrial design with a focus on affordable luxury. Pratique SPACE is a boundary free flow between lounging, shopping, fitness and healthy living. It is a destination and a living community focused on exhibition, performance, and educational lectures.

The goal of Pratique SPACE is to create a progressive business model focused on furthering social and environmental goals for a good cause. Pratique SPACE is ‘more-than-profit,’ using a blended value business model that combines a revenue-generating business with a
social-value-generating structure or component.

Middle Lawrenceville Gallery Night

After visiting "Growing Home-Biology/Architecture" at Pratique SPACE, be sure to stop in Wildcard (Just two blocks down the street at 4209 Butler St) for the opening of their first-ever Pinball-themed art show! Brian Mendelssohn curates this group show which features original pinball machine art and the premiere of the art for the new custom Lawrenceville Pinball Machine! For more information visit

For information:
Phone: 412-728-2625


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