Friday, June 3, 2011

Make Yourself At Home by Laura Marsico, Unsmoke Systems

Come out to Braddock for an exhibition opening at Unsmoke Systems!

Make Yourself At Home by Laura Marsico
Unsmoke Systems, 1137 Braddock Ave, Braddock PA 15104

Opening: Saturday, June 4, 6-9 pm
Exhibition continues through June 18 by appointment only

Friends, family and neighbors. Housewarming gifts are welcome!

A home is a formative place where we grow within its structure; it may also be a transformative place for healing to occur.

Since returning to Pennsylvania last year and spending time in the home I grew up in, I have done a whole lot of housecleaning. It always begins by looking inside and outside of personal space, by noticing what changes and what doesn¹t change, and finally, by determining what to share and what to hold onto. The clearing out has been continuous and widespread, and not always by myself; at times it has been simultaneously heart-wrenching and liberating, and I have heard great stories while moving through objects. Although movement sometimes entails pain, I have found that the experience ultimately inspires clarity and joy.

The happening will be dotted with (primarily) repurposed throwaways. As I attempt to lessen the load of stuff in my surroundings, certain things continue to hang around with mysterious value dangling over them. They speak of fantasy, memory and functional use in ways that are unique and arbitrary. What happens with these objects and thoughts are curious and inspiring, like the windowsill decorations and garbage in the alley ways of Pittsburgh. Through observation and activity in the space that Make yourself at home encompasses, you are encouraged to examine what is it that allows you to feel connected and be at home.


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