Monday, August 20, 2007

pittsburgh galleries website launched! and (duplicate content) are now online featuring over 100 galleries from the pittsburgh area. the site includes an option to search by neighborhood as well. soon to come will be a listing of quality pittsburgh artists and events.

the purpose of the pittsburgh galleries blog is to promote awareness of the websites and to communicate info about pittsburgh art shows and events of all types. email me rick(at) to have your art event posted on this blog and the website.

if you are an artist check out either website about being listed there.

rick byerly

fine art and digital art photographer



  1. great site. helps to know what is going on in the cultural scene in the burg.

  2. What a great means of tracking what's happening in the Pittsburgh cretive sector, long overdue if I may add. Bravo Mr. Byerly,thank you for linking the creative wonders of the area. Pittsburgh is such a rich, cultural melting pot, even with this site it would take ions to discover all those individuals out there.The focus you have provided will be a signifigant inprovement. As well, what's worse then not knowing when you're own cities' arts festivals occur ? Thanks for the link in communication, I'll be a much better follower of the arts in the burgh, for sure.

  3. Wow Fantastic Job!!! I found it extreamly useful!!! Tanks a ton!!!

  4. lostintransARTlation22134govpplttylrdoggizzleAugust 30, 2007 at 11:30 PM

    Wow!!! This really helped me out with what to do with my life! I was lost but now i have found a way to spend my time! I can also track my way around Pitt art!!! awesome job!!!!