Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Artist Gabe Felice @ Modernformations Gallery Feb 5 2010

Opening February 5th, 7 to 10pm

“ESCAPE TO EYEBALL ISLAND: New works in ink, paint, & sculpture by Gabriel M. Felice”

The evil Zuonic Enforcers have taken control & set out to destroy our peninsula.
Our life force - threatened, our lasers – seized, thoughts – stolen, and families – imprisoned.

We have but one Wishing Tree left in our possession after our coveted Gem Forraige was annihilated.

The healing animal known as Oddea has been captured and enslaved in the Zuonic Nomad Circus.

We must release Oddea and fly our Kippolian Bears to safer territory beyond the Magian Mountains and Torian Sea to replant our Wishing Tree in the gardens of Eyeball Island.

Escape with Gabe Felice in his second solo visit to ModernFormations - in a concept show inspired by self sabotage, Remote Viewing, and Prophetic Everydayism.


4919 Penn Avenue.
Pittsburgh PA 15224


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