Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lauren Toohey and Sam Thorp Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery Unblurred Crawl

First Friday, Feb. 5th, 2010 /6pm-12pm
Most Wanted Fine Art / 5015 Penn Ave


Lauren Toohey and Sam Thorp will be displaying their provocative imagery in an awesome gallery setting! These paintings have been captivating viewers for years, with their sense of wit and style. The pairing of these two artists complements their respective markmaking with heavy line work and brightly colored figures. The viewer will find Sam and Laurens image very titillating and easy to read. Please join us opening night for free!. Bands start at 9pm, opening with the legendary Grand Snafu and followed by His Girl Friday.

Please view our site www.youtube.com/mostwantedfineart
Gallery hours for this show: Wed.-Fri. 1pm-6pm email: mostwantedfineart(AT)yahoo.com


The unblurred schedule can be found here most of the time: