Monday, May 10, 2010

Deborah Hosking at Chatham, an MFA Thesis video installation

Deborah Hosking at Chatham, an MFA Thesis video installation

Memento was conceived as a synthesis of Hudson River School and Chinese brush painting traditions and new media: Catskill landscapes meet Oriental scrolls meet digital video. The video imagery was shot entirely in one area and edited into short, montaged pieces, with compositions and a unique aspect ratio reminiscent of hanging scrolls. Each composition is created with imagery from neighboring locations or multiple views of the same location. Local geography provides the contextual framework and interactive map navigation. Memento is about a place, but it is also about time — a time past, time passing, time fleeting and time eternal.

Also showing will be MakeUp, a 10-minute, single channel video shot with the camera behind a two-way mirror. Every morning each of us looks into the mirror and makes choices about our appearance. What do these choices mean? What do they convey to others? MakeUp is about nature and artifice, image and self-image, perception and preconception.

Selected pieces from One Hand Clapping will also be on display. One Hand Clapping is an ongoing, internet-based photography series, as well as an open dialog with recipients of the images. The inclusion of their responses in the show is an homage to the tradition of Chinese calligraphers and poets commenting on paintings’ imagery as a part of the works themselves.


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