Friday, May 21, 2010

"Take A Letter" Conceived by Alexi Morrissey

Presented by the New Hazlett Theater's Artist Residence program.


May 27th-29th 2010

Featuring Alexi Morrissey and Adrienne Wehr

Take a Letter explores issues of artistic frustration, the failures of language, and the ultimate struggles of power – over the self, and over others. Drawing on the influences of 20th-century masters such as George Orwell, T.S. Eliot, and Phillip K. Dick, the performance imagines the price of communication in the modern world, and whether or not we are willing and able to pay them.

A 8,000 lb, 20' tall, 30' wide, robotic sculpture whirls at the center of the artwork like a mad dervish. Utilizing Pittsburgh's local talent in research, computing, machining and fabrication artist Alexi Morrissey has assembled a collaborative team of world-class experts in art, theater, science and technology to dovetail all these worlds into one evening of spectacle.



Map (sort of)

Ellis School Armory (see links below for directions. there will be signs. It is an old military building so it is not on any maps. It's way easy to find)
Across from Bakery Square on Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA

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