Friday, July 29, 2011

Future Tenant Gallery News August 2011

Future Tenant News:

Trespass Performance Residency Week 1-

The Church of gorgeousTaps and the Reality Show: Karaoke Communion

Saturday July 30th 8:00pm $5 entry *Adult beverages provided by Woodchuck Hard Cider*

The Church of gorgeousTaps and the Reality Show is a secular theatrical event that mimics the structure of a Lutheran mass.
This service, "Karaoke Communion" hybridizes a traditional church service and karaoke bar to present a cultural critique on the interstice of pop poetry and sacred music. Congregation members will perform Weird Al style revisions of pop songs and join in a riotous reflection on the daily mode of worship we engage in everytime we turn on the radio, cruise YouTube or shuffle iTunes.

Trespass Performance Residency Week 2-

Fossils: Evidence of Queer Life in Pittsburgh

August 1-3, Noon - 4PM: Open gallery hours! Look at art, watch music videos, make fossils! (FREE)

August 4, 7PM - Midnight: In the Time of Judy
August 5, 8PM - Midnight: Alive/Dreaming
August 6, 7PM - Midnight: Invisible Light

$5 entry

*Adult beverages provided by Woodchuck Hard Cider*

"Fossils: Evidence of Queer Life in Pittsburgh" is a one-week interactive exhibit at Future Tenant Gallery, in Downtown Pittsburgh. Through and performance, music, art, photography, and dance, we will explore Pittsburgh's queer past and (with YOUR help) create evidence of the community's vibrant existence today.

Two Dimensionally Exploring the Three Dimensional Properties of Unexplained Matter-

a window installation by Michael Benedetti ends Sunday August 7th

Inspired by comic books, machinery and Alphonse Mucha, Benedetti will transform the windows of Future Tenant with handcrafted prints and drawings.

The installation will run from July 17th- August 7th

The "No Sheep" Series

a window installation by Kyle Hossli debuts Monday August 8th

A camel will take up residence in Future Tenant's window thanks to Richmond, Virginia based artist Kyle Hossli.

The installation will run from August 8th-Sept. 4th

Trespass Performance Residency Week 3-


Thursday August 11th 8:00pm

$5 entry

*Adult beverages provided by Woodchuck Hard Cider*

This party is an ongoing performative/collaborative
​ effort between Casey Droege and Christine Choi. Through performances of text, we draw attention to the physical act of human communication—voice, gesture—in wake of a rampantly digitizing culture where we are richly assaulted with information. We are interested in exploring/hybridizing new ways to engage with public audiences and COME TO OUR PARTY, DRESS IN WHITE celebrates the temporary communities that such live messaging creates.

First annual Future Tenant Artist Swapmeet Saturday August 27th 12-5pm

Come show your work, see and/or buy art by local artists, or just socialize and enjoy some free snacks!

All artists who are interested in coming down to show off their work and meet other local artists should email us at

Dick for Sale-

a bathroom installation by Ty Marshal

Syracuse based artist Ty Marshal is bringing his tongue-in-cheek style of artwork to the bathroom of Future Tenant for the remainder of the summer. The completed installation may not be appropriate for all audiences.

The installation will run from July 17th- September 4th

*The artwork can be viewed during special events and by appointment*

Future Tenant Presents a West Pittsburgh Window Installation Project, debuting June 1, 2011

Rose Clancy, Mary Tremonte, and Felipe Castelblanco have created installations for vacant windows in West Pittsburgh neighborhoods. The installations are located at 410 and 412 Main Street in the West End and 645 Hillsboro Street in Sheraden.

Work will be on view in all locations 24 hours a day for approximately three months.

This project was supported in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

Musician Open Call

We’re always on the lookout for great local djs, individual performers, and house bands. If you’re interested in playing at Future Tenant, send an email with links to your website or any sound files you have to The best way to get your foot in the door is to attend an Open Mic night, show us your stuff, and chat with our friendly staff!


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