Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Debris Magazine Pittsburgh Arts and Literary Works

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Debris Magazine aims to be the antithesis of stuffy lit journals and pretentious art magazines.
The intent of the magazine is to showcase the very best in artistic and literary talent out there.
As the saying goes, audentes fortuna juvat (fortune favors the bold) and we aim
to be just that: bold.

Debris is an online literary/art magazine that publishes quarterly and showcases outstanding literature, art, photography and anything else someone has the creativity to come up with.

Debris is the antithesis of stuffy literature journals and pretentious art magazines. It’s a magazine where everyone has a voice, not just those well versed in literature, art history and design.

With the exception of accepting certain works that are reminiscent of specific seasons, Debris has no theme to encourage creativity and to maintain a broad, open- minded perspective that is representative of life and all of its facets.

In essence, Debris is the garbage that should never have been thrown out.

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