Friday, September 7, 2007

pittsburgh galleries call to artists

check out website announcement is an online list of all pittsburgh galleries as well as quality pgh artists and events. the goal is for all the artists and galleries and patrons to be able to find each other.

there's a main list and then by neighborhood, lawrenceville galleries, garfield galleries and many more.

check out the website! and the blog which covers all Pittsburgh art events:

call to pittsburgh artists:

to be considered as an addition to this site as an artist: please email smaller images of 5 pieces of work with an artist statement and brief bio, mediums worked in, contact info/address, website/myspace etc, size of work, series and pricing info.

the site will not list artists who lowball their prices in order to sell in volume or those who do not know how to value their work, all of which hurts the art community in general.

email rick(at)

pghgalleries myspace

thank you for spreading the word! thanks!

rick byerly

pittsburgh galleries is a project from
pittsburgh photographer rick byerly,



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