Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fine Art Photography by Rick Byerly at the Photo Fourm, USX Tower

Fine Art Photography by Rick Byerly at the USX Tower

Rick Byerly's Black and White and Color Photos from Lake Superior will be on display and for sale at the Photo Forum,USX Tower Lobby from Thursday, September 13 until Thanksgiving, 2007. The work is located in the lobby next to the main elevators.
Archival Images From Shifting Lake Superior Ice Shelves
In March 2007 I traveled Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior to find that high powered winds had crashed miles of numerous ice shelves into each other. I trekked them for several days, finding that the sun was changing the exterior patterns of the shelves by the minute. The black and white images celebrate seldom seen perspectives of ice shelve formations using zoom and macro lenses. I used a professonial digital slr camera and converted the images to black and white using color filters in photoshop.
The color images include unusual blue ice formations, ice figures, and water-themed imagery from Lake Superior from the winter and early spring of 2007. I found the unusual blue ice formations and figures on the moving ice shelves in March near Duluth. Sometimes when snow and ice form, red light is absorbed while the blue is transmitted and collisions and compression of ice increase the occurrences.

USX Tower Lobby Art Gallery 600 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 Downtown Pittsburgh Affiliated with the Photo Forum Gallery.

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