Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pittsburgh Society of Artists “Urban Dreams” exhibit at Fein Art Gallery

Pittsburgh Society of Artists “Urban Dreams” exhibit at Fein Art Gallery

Fein Art Gallery
519 East Ohio St
Pittsburgh 15212
412 321-6816
Closed Sun-Wed
Hours are 9-5

Now through July 9, 2010

Cristina Saucedo, Carol Skinger, Eva Trout, Phiris Kathryn Sickels, Martha Ressler, Mary Mason, RuthAnne Bauerle, Betty Phillips, David Lackner, David Sparks, Doreen Grasso, Duane Cacali, Ellen Hanna, Ellen Leimkuehler, Gerry Florida, Gloria Goldsmith Hersch, Helen Naimark, Janet Woodcock, Jay Ressler, Jessica Kalmar, Judith Gentile, Kara Ruth Snyder, Kathleen Zimbicki, Kathy Gilbert, Lila Hirsch Brody, Mia Tarducci Henry, Nina Sowiski, Sue Schneider, Yelena Kukharenko.

Pittsburgh Society of Artists “Urban Dreams” exhibit at Fein Art Gallery
“Urban Dreams” Exhibit description: Increasing technologies, multicultural diversity and global exchange heighten our subconscious fears and euphoric hopes for the future. This exhibit challenges artists to abandon linear thinking and pursue interpretations of urban dreams. Using media of their choice, artists explore the hopes and/or fears of the global impact upon our urban environments. The show includes 38 Pieces by 31 artists selected by Juror Kathleeen Zimbicki.

Carol Skinger with her fake urban plan for East Liberty which received a Juror’s Award. In her artwork titled “urban renewal nightmare dream for East Liberty” Pittsburgh artist Carol Skinger poses as an urban planner with Robert Moses, R.K. Mellon and Mosites Co.’s names crossed out as players for the role. Skinger attempts to decisively associate East Liberty with the global green movement by imposing 80 green rooftops on the buildings, and in doing so, play catch up with Chicago, US leader in green roofs. Through the writing on the frame it is also a meditation on “green” recalling the green forest East Liberty once was, the green “liberty” it then became as in free cattle grazing area, the green, as in value and money that was made from it and contiguous lands- when it was developed and subdivided by Thomas Mellon. He gained a real-estate toe hold here, which became the basis for his future ventures, through his marriage to Sarah Jane Negley. Other artistic embellishments Skinger proposes: organic gardens, a lazy river moat ride around East Liberty Presbyterian Church, outdoor pools and a summer stage (orange) for a “Chris Ivey Film Festival” (who she assigns the role of Jane Jacobs) in the middle of it all. East Liberty becomes Liberty Green, a fantasy worth exploring.


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