Thursday, June 3, 2010

Interplay Art Exhibit, Pgh Center for the Arts June 25 2010

June 25-August 22, 2010
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — The first collaborative exhibition of works by members of Associated Artists of Pittsburgh (AAP), Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (PF/PCA) and its eight artist guilds is scheduled to open next month as part of AAP’s Centennial celebration. Interplay runs from June 25-August 22, 2010 at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (PCA), 6300 Fifth Avenue. Eric Shiner, Milton Fine Curator of Art at The Andy Warhol Museum, served as juror. There will be an opening reception at PCA, open to the public, the evening of June 25th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. A suggested donation of $5.00 is requested at the door.

Interplay provides an exceptional view of Pittsburgh’s fertile and diverse arts community,” says artist and Interplay Chair Connie Cantor. “The exhibition features compelling works by emerging and established artists working across the full spectrum of media—from installation, video, photography, sculpture, painting, printmaking, fiber arts and more.”

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Kathleen Zimbicki Dark Ones (2010)
Robert Huckestein Creation (2010)
Katherine McLean Intersection (2009)
Paula Garrick Klein &
Sharon Wilson Wilcox Elemental Symmetry (diptych) (2010) Excellent Use of Printmaking Technique
Laura Marin Man & Machine II (2010)
David Montano Soul Sickness (2010)
Tiberiu Chelcea Connector Mapping #1 (2010)
Connie Cantor Barbie's Soup Kitchen (2010)
Susan Sparks Art of Noise Composition #46 (2010)
Susan Sparks Art of Noise Composition #47 (2010)
Jane Haskell Aluminum & Copper (2010) Best 3D
Lori Hepner britney spears, 6:58 PM May 19th from web (#2)
(nothing better than a day at the beach with my family! -britney) (2009)
Lori Hepner cnnbrk, 6:27 AM May 17th from CNN (#2)
(Tamil Tigers say they have decided to silence our guns as Sri Lankan govt. forces close in on their last stronghold.) (2009) Best Demonstration of Theme
Mary Towner Bolero Mousies (2009) Best in Fiber Art
Wanda Spangler-Warren Undulate (2010)
Lizzy De Vita Untitled (Candy, Candy, Candy,Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy; Meilleur Danseuse a Go-Go) or (Candnee Green Wherever She May Be) or (Where Moths Go When They Die) (2009)
Lizzy De Vita Untitled (House) (2010)
Jay Ressler Awetogenesis (2010)
Martha and Jay Ressler The Uncertainty Principle (2010)
John Hinderliter Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Ian Page Rainbow and Meat Bulb Series #1
Ian Page Rainbow and Meat Bulb Series #3
Alan Byrne Crime and Punishment (2010)
Alan Byrne In and Out of the Money (2010) Juror's Choice*
Terri Perpich Last September (2008)
Phiris Kathryn Sickels Hooked (2010)
Kathleen Burk Exploration (2010)
Kathleen Burk The Seven Seas (2010)
Henry Simonds Eustache (2010)
Christopher Ruane National Insecurity (2010)
Becky Siemmons How to Draw a Straight Line (2010) Best Conceptual Art
Wendy Osher Continental Drift (2009) Most Innovative Use of Materials
Wesley Smith Deep Woods Silkie (2010)
Gerry Florida Urban Forest/Existence (2008)
Philomona ODea Phoenix Rising (2010)
Philomona O'Dea Molecular Mandala (2010)
William Wade Burst (2010)
Mary Weidner Fault (2010)
Daniel Brickman Wormhole Schematic (2010) Best Sculptural Interpretation of Theme
Pati Beachley Hold (2009)
Judy Sullivan House of Revelation 1 (2010)
Judy Sullivan House of Revelation 2 (2010)
John Foster Cartwright With detachments steady throwing,we the surface broad surveying, we the virgin soil upheaving. Across the wilderness, America, America (2010)
Mia Tarducci Henry Colorful Words (2010)
Hisham Youssef Circle (2010)
Hisham Youssef Nature vs Nurture (2010) Juror's Choice*
Christina Zaris Kaleidoblooms (2010)
Christina Zaris Kaleyedoscope (2010) Most Visionary
James Maszle Perfect Night (2010) Juror's Choice*


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