Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Under Deconstruction: Transformazium, Braddock PA Arts Revival

Under Deconstruction: Transformazium

Deconstruction is the selective dismantling of a building for the purpose of reusing the materials to build new structures, and it is this process which Ruthie, along with formerly Brooklyn based artists Leslie Stern, Dana Bishop-Root, and Caledonia Curry (better known as Swoon), are using to turn their building into a community arts center called the Transformazium.

Although a lot of hard work still needs to be done deconstructing and rebuilding the Transformazium, the future seems bright. Swoon lives in Brooklyn, but is currently building an adobe dome in the lot across the street from the Transformazium, which will function as a community greeting space. Leslie, Dana, and Ruthie have completed two large projects that involved the community's participation. It's clear that the Transformazium is becoming more than a community arts center, but just what that will be remains uncertain, even to the Transformazium. "We are going to let it evolve more organically, and with input from our neighbors as well. We are definitely working towards a community garden in the lot, though", says Leslie.

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