Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3 Rivers Arts Festival: The Art of Technology

Looks like a good start to shedding the 3 Rivers Food Festival hangover this festival has had for quite some time (that and the focus on many out of state market artists which still continues). You be the judge and check it aht for yourselves!

June 4-13 2010

The exhibits and performances may change the way we view art and technology, and help us to better realize the unlimited potential of each. Plus, they offer us some downright good times that are sure to benefit everyone’s Festival experience. Ranging from digital puppetry to interactive sculptures and robots, video installations, and an interactive exhibit requiring text messages from viewers. Following are a few glimpses into what you will see on the visual arts side; we’ll cover performances in another post.

David Edwards’ 14′ tall sculpture made from 80% recycled aluminum takes the shape of a potted sunflower. Its wind-powered spinning petals transform wind into energy using a micro wind turbine. In addition, there are flexible solar panels that collect energy for programmable LED lighting. This exhibit and others can be seen at Point State Park.

from the 3 Rivers Arts Festival website

3 Rivers Arts Festival Schedule here

Pittsburgh Power Flower Website here.


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