Monday, September 26, 2011

Harish Saluja: Progression at 707 Penn Gallery

Harish Saluja: Progression

September 23 - November 13, 2011 at 707 Penn Gallery

While doodling is generally seen as something anyone can do, local artist Harish Saluja transforms seemingly simple drawings into richly intricate and colorful works of art. Saluja’s latest series Progession can be interpreted as an extension of his passion for Asian-inspired art. The abstract expressionistic drawings found in Progression explore Indian music, Raga paintings and Hindu dieties.

About Progression
The Progression paintings are a representation of the changing style and themes of his work over the years. These include:
Mandalas: Mandala is Sanskrit for circle, polygon, community, and connection. It is a symbol of man or woman in the world, a support for the meditating person. It is often illustrated as a palace with four gates, facing the four corners of the Earth. Before the meditating person arrives at the gates, he/she must pass the four outer circles. Saluja builds on this basic discipline and gives it an abstract flavor.

Raga Series: Based on the Indian classical music, these paintings are abstract representations of the moods and emotions that the various ragas evoke.

Contemporary Miniatures: These tiny (5×3 inches) images are often the basis of larger paintings but are complete pieces in their own right. To see the painting images are online, visit:



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