Thursday, September 1, 2011

Midnight Radio Episode 4: Bootleggin' and Bathtub Gin

Thursday, September 15 at 9:00pm - September 24 at 10:30pm

937 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA

Journey with us back to a world of flappers and gin-runners, gangsters and molls. Bricolage brings you a suspenseful historical fiction episode of Midnight Radio in an atmosphere rife with all that jazz.

Bricolage Artistic Director Jeffrey Carpenter has teamed up with local writer Matthew Adams to create a completely original radio play based on a true story of early organized crime in Pittsburgh.

On July 29, 1932, the most gangland slaying in Pittsburgh history occurred in a coffee shop on Wylie Avenue in the Hill District, when three of the eight Volpe brothers were gunned down in broad daylight. The event became a defining moment in the battle for control over Pittsburgh’s bootlegging empire, involving such notorious gangsters as “Lucky” Luciano and Al Capone, and played out locally by a vast network of mobsters. Midnight Radio’s Bootleggin’ and Bathtub Gin features Murder, Inc. - the exclusive story behind the story of a local underworld at war, from “speakeasies” to back woods stills, and a lone sheriff with designs of his own.

Just 5 performances:
Thurs, Fri, Sat September 15-17 at 9pm
Fri & Sat Septemeber 23-24 at 9pm

Cast & Crew:
Directed by Jeffrey Carpenter
Written by Matt Adams, Jeffrey Carpenter, and Tami Dixon
Sound Engineering by Brendan Kepple
Musical Director Sam McUmber
Stage Managed by Caitlin Roper
Projections by Andrew S. Paul
Featuring Tami Dixon, Jack Erdie, Lisa Ann Goldsmith, Jeffrey Howell, Adam Kroloff
and Musical Guests the Ortner-Roberts Trio

Single Tickets: $25
Students and Seniors: $15 with valid ID
Groups of 10 or more: $15
Get them here:

Mark your calendars - tix are onsale now!
See you at the show!


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