Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eco-equation: new public sculpture located at 5111 Penn Avenue in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Garfield


Eco-equation is a new public sculpture located at 5111 Penn Avenue in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Garfield. The 16ʼ wide by 12ʼ tall installation will be completed on September 14, 2011.

This project is a Pittsburgh first, combining self sustaining energy design within the context of public art. The sculpture contains two low voltage electricity generating systems that provide power for itʼs own power consumption needs. The sculpture harnesses both sun and wind energy which charge batteries by means of solar panels and functional wind turbine. The self generated power is used to energize LED lighting illuminating the sculpture at night from within. Symbols representing Sun + Wind = Light deliver a message in the form of a simple, yet self defining equation.

Lead artist David Edwards and Paul Cha fabricated the sculpture and the technical systems that manage power and lighting. Beginning in 2010 Edwards worked with neighborhood leaders, the Bloomfield Garfield Corporation and the architects and designers of CMUʼs EcoDesigners Guild to create a model for a public artwork that delivers a simple, direct and positive message.

Edwards notes, “Iʼm focusing on the intersection of art, technology and sustainable design. These crossroads have fostered partnerships with many regional institutions, each with diverse missions. I push for an approach where you interact directly with the people that your art is effecting. The neighborhood has been very supportive and we have made many new friends.”

Eco-equation is one of a handful of ongoing Penn Avenue projects sponsored by the Urban Renovation Associationʼs Green and Screen program. Installations use innovate means and materials to revitalize unused lots in The Penn Avenue corridor.
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About the Artist

David Edwards is a Pittsburgh native currently residing in Glenshaw Pa. In 2008 Edwards founded Art Energy Design. The AED team creates energy producing public artworks, educational tools and workshops. Edwards was awarded The Business of Creativity Award at the Pittsburgh Technology Councilʼs 2010 DATA awards and was recognized by the US State Department for exhibitions and the Pittsburgh G-20 conference. In the last three years works have been exhibited at the Carnegie Science Center, Heinz History Center, Carnegie Museum of Art, The Childrens Museum, Pittsburgh Technology Council, Carnegie Libraries, Frick environmental Center, Citiparks and over 50 regional art and environmental venues.

A diverse gallery of sculptures, paintings and murals, in private and corporate collections can be seen at www.DavidEdwardsArt.com and www.ArtEnergyDesign.com

Recent public works and awards:

-Pittsburghʼs Painted Pachyderm, a 28ʼ tall inflatable sculpture Sponsored by the Sprout Fund and the Carnegie Institute of Pittsburgh for Pittsburgh Roars programming.

- Welcome to Historic Deutchstown mural in the Northside. Sponsored by the URA and The Northside Leadership Council.

-Power Flower series, a portable, self-lighting, wind and sun energy harnessing sculptures. Sponsored by a Sprout Fund Seed Award and exhibited in over 50 regional venues.

-Curious Creatures, interactive educational sculptures with public educational programming for children. Sponsored by a Sprout Fund Spark Award.


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