Thursday, August 7, 2008

San Rocco Festival August 8,9,10 2008 Aliquippa

I almost forgot the San Rocco Festival was this weekend! I was scanning the schedule and came across Fabulous Frankie Capri on Sunday at 6pm. Could it be the legendary Pittsburgh Elvis reincarnation? One of my most surreal memories from Pittsburgh was when I was at the Lava Lounge 10 years ago in a martini induced trip where Kid Capri's monkeys were banging on the drums and people had dressed up in various costumes which were in a pile on the floor. Too much.

This is the 83rd annual Festa di San Rocco, held in Aliquippa, PA. Check out the history involved here.

Directions are further down this page.


Friday, August 8, 2008
6:00pm.....Food & Game Booths Open
6:00pm.....The Fabulous Frankie Capri
7:00pm.....San Rocco Festa Sauce Competition
7:15pm.....Welcome & Crowning
7:30pm.....San Rocco Festa Band
9:15pm.....From San Remo Italy..... Franco Corso

Saturday, August 9, 2008
6:00pm.....Food & Game Booths Open
6:00pm.....The Fabulous Frankie Capri
7:00pm.....From Columbus Ohio...Ray Massa's Euro Rhythms
7:00pm.....San Rocco Festa Sauce Competition
8:15pm.....Edgilo Fiala
9:00pm....Ray Massa's Euro Rhythms
10:30pm..Fireworks by Pyrotecnico

Sunday, August 10, 2008
8:00am.....Receiving of San Rocco Banner
9:30am.....San Rocco Liturgy (St. Titus Church, Franklin Ave., Aliquippa)
11:00am...San Rocco Procession Begins (Corner of Polk & Division Sts., Sheffield Terrace, Aliquippa, PA)
6:00pm....Food & Game Booths Open
6:00pm....The Fabulous Frankie Capri
7:00pm....From Canton Ohio..Gagliardi Italiani Dance Troupe
8:00pm....San Rocco Festa Sauce Competition Winner is Announced
8:15pm....San Rocco Festa Band
10:15pm..."Super Raffles"
10:30pm...Traditional Italian Doll Dance with "The Ballabe Band"


Carla the Clown, San Rocco Tatoos, Magic & Balloons with Bob Mullins(Friday and Sunday 7:30 pm.)

FREE PARKING AND BUS SERVICERunning ½ hr. before events begin to 1 hr. after entertainment ends at the area across from St. Elijah Serbian Church, Main Street and Broadhead Road, Plan 12 and The House of Prayer Lutheran Church, Irwin St.

ADMISSION$1 PER NIGHT age 13 and older. Children 12 and under are Free

FOR MORE INFORMATION Visit or call 724-378-6646


We are located approx. 25 miles North of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
We are located approx. 13 miles North of the Pittsburgh International Airport
Take PA Route 60 to Aliquippa Exit 10 - bearing right off of exit
This is Mill Street
At the second red light turn right
This is Brodhead Road
Go through one red light and turn left at AutoZone (about three blocks)
This is Main Street, Aliquippa
FREE Parking & Bus Service is available from AutoZone
Continue on Main Street approx. (2) two miles (stop sign city!)
Our Festa is on your right as you cross a small bridge
This is Lefty Cepull Ball Field
The War Memorial is on your left

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