Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Zombo Gallery Special Dispatch. Sounds Official!

Special Dispatch from:
Zombo Gallery 4900 Hatfield St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201 412-904-3703

A Special Wow to the folks who were lucky enough to catch Lucky the Painproof Man's performance and sideshow artwork. Words can't describe it. If you would like to see the closing performance and party it is on Saturday, August 30th at 6 pm. Lucky will once again perform his otherworldly antics at 7:30 pm. Of course, it's free, but Lucky will have his shrunken heads, circus knockdown punks, sideshow banners, freak photography and many things that defy description for sale.

On to the press releases. Three fantastic events are lined up.

#1 Art Goes Bowling.Arsenal Lanes in Lawrenceville First Showing, Friday 8/22/08 from 6pm-9pm Huge Second Showing, Monday, Labor Day September 1st from 6pm-11pm The Zombo Gallery presents "Art Goes Bowling". The first ever bowling pin art show! 100 artist/100 bowling pins.We are totally blown away by the pins that came in already! Some pins will be given away as door prizes. All other art bowling pins will be on sale for only $25. All proceeds go to the artists. Live performance debut of "The Whips" Pittsburgh's hip garage rock/art band. (Think Velvet Underground meets The Cramps!) Plus DJ Zombo, of course!

#2 Hellbent Hellion, An Exhibition of recent art by Nat Sept 5th and 6th, from 6pm-11pm Special guest performance on Sept 5th by Andrew "The Impaled". Sideshow Marvel

Nat is not your average chick. Most of her childhood was spent watching her father and uncles wrenching on cars in the garage... and she really enjoyed it. That had a huge impact on who she is today. "I wanted to be a mechanic, but Dad wouldn't let me. He wanted me to pursue a career in art. So, since I couldn't work on cars, I started to draw them".

If you go looking for hidden messages or meanings in her art, you are looking too deep. "People get so wrapped up in politics, religion, current issue and emotions and it bores me to death! My art is just simply...something to look at." Her subject matter usually consists of hot rods, tiki, tattoo art, pin-ups or vintage graphics.Nat and her husband, Chris, own Sign Works, a sign shop located in Lawrenceville where she is a Sign Designer. Most of her art is created using leftover sign materials.

#3 Girls! Girls! Girls!Opens Friday, September 20th 7-11pm Closes Saturday, October 18th 7-11pm Julie Devine, co-owner of Zombo Gallery gathered together the hippest, coolest and vivacious art gals in town for a super hot show! It's like Art girls gone wild! Each of them were given no constraints, themes or rules. A free for all cerebral pillow fight with all art media. A virtual sleep over pajama party with paint, canvas, and who knows.Featuring the unbridled artwork of..Stephanie Sciullo Jen Buczynski Becky Corrigan Kirsten Ervin Jenny Snyder Lauren 2E Julie Devine and a bevy of others!Hot Damn Tamale!

Zombo Gallery is located at:4900 Hatfield St in Lawrenceville One block from Butler on the corner of 49th and Hatfield

Special Fall Hours ..Saturdays Noon to 4pm and also by appointment....

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