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Pittsburgh Art Event Online Promotion for the Pittsburgh Galleries Blog

October 2, 2011 Update:

The Pittsburgh Art Blog will be changing within the month to an article based cultural blog covering the Pittsburgh region's visual and performing arts as well as locavore and green aspects. A meeting will be taking place within the month where several potential contributors discuss the goals of a new blog and give it a new name.

You can still submit visual art events for consideration but they may only be briefly covered in a weekly post entitled Upcoming Visual Art Events.

To make sure your art event is listed check out Pittsburgh Is Art and the Pittsburgh City Paper, as well as other publications, both print-based and online.

Rick Byerly


Do Not Send A Request Without At Least One Jpeg
Of The Work Being Shown!

What is The Pittsburgh Art Blog?

That's a good question, one best probably answered by what it is not to begin. It does not cover all Pittsburgh art events. It does not cover pop art, which is to say the kind of art pop art which either glorifies or celebrates mainstream pop "culture". It does no cover regionally or locally based themed art for the most part, ie pittsburgh neighborhood based art, photography (buildings, houses etc) etc unless it is exceptional from a technical or conceptual standpoint. It does not cover art based on still lifes of objects like flowers and fruit unless again it is truly different in terms of skill and concept. The blog covers mostly visual art but is known to promote events which combine music, performance art with visual art as well as important community events.

What's left then? There's a lot left. Check the past blog posts to see that's been covered. Notice that there are photos of the artwork and words from the artist or gallery to let the readers know what to expect.

As far as the Pittsburgh artist links which are listed on the left hand side of the blog (and other pages) that is just a hand selected list from me which in no way is meant to be comprehensive. The Pittsburgh Artist Registry handles that job well..

Who am I to be setting all these parameters? Well, simply put it's my blog but I'm clarifying what it is and what it isn't. In the end the artwork photos of each blog post are at the core of the blog, letting readers make the call if it's something which appeals to them. It's just not possible or desirable to post every art exhibit out there with the necessary info. This blog ideally is about Pittsburgh based artists and not what the museums may be showing: they have enough notoriety and coverage as it stands and they have the means to advertise. As far as galleries go this blog should not be seen as a given as far as free promotion so don't be surprised if each event isn't blogged.

When in doubt you can always submit the info to be considered. There have been events unique to the community which, for example, The Mattress Factory, have sponsored which I've blogged about...

No more donations nor sponsors will be accepted (there haven't been that many to date anyways).

Also I've been getting a lot of requests to blog art events so I want to communicate what I'm looking for to help me out as this has become a time consuming, volunteer project. If someone doesn't email me about an event which follows the guidelines below it may not be blogged.
  • The Pittsburgh Art Blog is primarily geared toward promoting art events involving Pittsburgh based artists. The website directory listing seeks to include all Pittsburgh art venues regardless of their involvement with Pittsburgh based artists.
  • The most important part of your submission are the images of the artwork which are part of the event. Readers need to have an idea of the type of art and I need to be able to make the call on whether to post it. The flyer image for the exhibit may not be enough. Labeling each image with an appropriate title will help you with search engine results.
  • Anyone can submit an event for blog consideration but not all are accepted.
  • Submit the event at least one week prior to it's beginning.
  • Blog submission must include: event description, full address, date/time including the year!, regular hours, artists involved, mediums, and any other info you want the search engines to pick up and readers to see. To increase exposure you can email your own tags you want for the post (limit is 20 tags, ideally single words,separate).
  • The ideal way to submit info is via an attached text document.
  • Emailing just images of a postcard or flyer will not be accepted.
  • Even if all of your info is on a website it doesn't always copy/paste well in to blogger format.
  • Do not include event description and hyperlinked text if in the body of an email- it does not translate to blogspot format. Attach a word or text doc instead with all the info. Blogger will not recognize differing font sizes and text not left-aligned. Make sure everything is left-aligned and return is hit after each paragraph.
  • Include one jpeg image at your discretion as an attachment ( not in pdf files, word docs etc. just as a single jpeg file.
  • Link the Pittsburgh Art Blog to your websites and blogs to increase the regular viewership and make your info go farther.

You can submit via email here.


Thank you,

Rick Byerly

Rick Byerly trained at Pittsburgh Filmmakers in Darkroom and Digital Imaging, sells his fine art photography work to businesses and individuals, is a former Vice President and Director of The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and serves on State of PA Arts Grant Panels.

Like what's posted on this blog and the website ? This is a volunteer effort so donations of any size are welcome which can be made via paypal here . Also at that link anyone interested in purchasing banner space, which includes placement on this blog and websites, can sign up there. Banner design included. Thanks! Rick Byerly

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