Friday, August 8, 2008

Zombo Gallery Lineup for August and September 2008, Lawrenceville

Dr. Josef Furdek's Cabinet of Curiosities, August 15, 30 2008 at 6pm
Art Goes Bowling August 22, 2008 6-9pm Arsenal Lanes
Nat the Signgrrrl: Sept 5,6 2008 from 6-11pm @ Zombo

From Michael at Zombo Gallery:


Obviously, we are bursting at the seams with shows/events/parties at Zombo Gallery, so I will be concise as possible.

Press Release #1
Dr. Josef Furdek's Cabinet of Curiosities open on August 15th at 6pm and Closes August 30th at 6pm. On these two dates the gallery will be mutated into a Sideshow/Freakshow/Artshow thanks to Lucky, the Painproof Man and Company. He will be in attendance and will be displaying his talents as a performance artist, painter, sculptor and special effects craftsman. This show will transport you back to a time when the world was a much more mysterious and creepy time. We are charging one thin dime as an entrance fee. This show may not for the weak of stomach, but you can't miss it.

Press Release #2
Art Goes Bowling.The Zombo Gallery presents it's first out of gallery experience. The Nationally renowned Arsenal Bowling Lanes on Butler Street in Lawrenceville is hosting is first ever art show. And it is going to be the kind of an event that everyone will love. One hundred bowling pins have been given to 100 different artists. From painters to sculptors to recyclers to photographers to tattoo artists. This show will have everything! Artists of all levels have been given the chance to make an old bowling pin a work of art. All the pins will be on display at Arsenal Lanes on August 22 from 6pm-9pm and then a huge event on Labor Day evening from 6pm-11pm featuring the live music debut of "The Whips". Zombo's new art/rock band. The music is a driving early rock and roll garage sound with elements of The Velvet Underground and other darker 60's pop musics. DJ Zombo will also be hosting and DJing. All the bowling pins will be available for sale for only $25 each with all the proceeds going to the respective artists. At this point, we do have about 10 extra bowling pins left if you would like to have a last minute entry. There is always room for more and all are welcome. Contact Michael at this email address if you are interested. Check out for their information.

Press Release #3

Nat the Signgrrrl.If you have ever marveled at a sign or window at a place of business, chances are it was designed and created by SignWorks. SignWorks are on Pittsburgh's cutting edge. And Nat is half of team that has been knocking out fantastic multi media mania around town for many years. Now she is taking her talents to Zombo Gallery on both Sept 5 and 6 from 6pm-11pm. This special weekend only show is not to be missed. Nat's style is rooted in mid-century pop culture and offbeat graphics. It's retro pop art at it's finest. Visit for a taste of their talents and I know we will see you at the gallery for this marvelous event!

Thanks so much, Michael Devine 4900 Hatfield Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201 412-904-3703

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