Friday, August 20, 2010

Pittsburgh Art Blog Turns 3, Promoting Pittsburgh Artists

Happy Birthday to a ... Blog?

I don't celebrate my own so why not? Who knows how much longer it will make it. Jumping candlesticks can get tiresome.

Pittsburgh doesn't exactly have an abundance of art info beyond the crude basics currently so hopefully more artists will take advantage of this resource and email me about what's happening on their end.

rick byerly

So here are some numbers....

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Top 5 overall visited links over the past 3 years:

Sprout Fund Hothouse Events (the 2009 event)

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Pittsburgh artists deserve more press

In Memory of Pittsburgh Artist John Metzler

Pittsburgh Skyline Photography Prints for Sale

Also the Pittsburgh Galleries website directory, ie , has been around for 3 years as well.
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The Pittsburgh Art Blog

The Pittsburgh Art Blog features selected pittsburgh artists and upcoming exhibits with photos from the artists and galleries. since the major press outlets do not go beyond a directory listing of exhibits, blogs are needed to promote pittsburgh artists and their work. the blog also calls attention to the inferiority complex of pittsburgh art and how it's perpetuated by the major players in town. Started on August 20, 2007.pittsburgh area galleries and art venues are listed at the sister site blog and website are volunteer projects from fine art photographer and pittsburgh art advocate rick byerly,