Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Antigone, Prime Stage Theatre at New Hazlett Theater

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*Antigone *

*Stand up for what you believe in *

*even if you stand alone. *

A new translation by Robert Fagles.

Directed by Wayne Brinda and Meagan Reagle

*Presented by Prime Stage Theatre*

May 14, 2011–May 22, 2011

Friday & Saturday @ 8:00 PM Sunday @ 2:30 PM

The most easily accessible of all great classical plays, its theme is clear and up-to-date: the conflict between moral and political law led by a passionate teenage girl. After a battle where two sons of the former king Oedipus died fighting for opposing sides, their sisters Antigone and Ismene learn about a new law ordered by their uncle Creon.

Now king, Creon decrees that only one brother will be buried as a hero because he was the protector of the city. But the other brother is to be left unburied on the battlefield because he attacked the city. Anyone who does try to bury this brother will be punished with death.

Antigone is defiant and vows to give her brother the proper burial. She believes that a law of man which violates religious law is no law at all and especially when created by one man. Ismene, her sister who believes that you can't beat City Hall and that a girl should keep a low profile, begs Antigone to not defy the law. The citizens are sympathetic to Antigone's desire to bury her brother, but are too afraid to speak up. Creon's son who is engaged to Antigone pleads with Creon to reconsider the penalty and lectures his father on wise leadership. Will Creon listen to his son, to the people, and to Antigone or will he remain defiant in his law? This passionate story of courage, conviction, and commitment will fill the
Hazlett stage and your imagination.

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New Hazlett Theater; 6 Allegheny Square E.; Pittsburgh, PA 15212


For more information, call 724-773-0700 or email marketing@primestage.com

Tickets: $20 Adults, $15 Seniors, $10 Students
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