Monday, April 4, 2011

Pittsburgh Tribune Review Cartoon Mocks It's Own Editorial Board

Pittsburgh Tribune Review Cartoon Mocks It's Own Editorial Board

That's the beauty of satire...

Those whose tastes are offended would rather look at stick figures scribbled by children than confront jarring, thought challenging art...


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  1. ...I think you're misreading the cartoon; it seems fairly scathing towards the Thek exhibit, actually (i.e. kids' drawings are a tasteful alternative to Thek). I actually disagree with the Trib editorial, for what's it's worth.

  2. it's all in how one perceives it. with the cartoonist bringing the element of taste into the picture it opens the door for criticism in regards to the editorial board and patrons whose "taste" is offended. they would rather look at stick figures than confront difficult and jarring works of art. that's my take on it and as far as the trib itself that's what they do and in reality it will bring more people to the museum and the same socially conservative muppets will continue to support the paper.

    the beauty of satire is that it is very difficult to "misread" it...