Friday, April 8, 2011

The Atrocity Exhibition, Morose and Macabre May 14 2011 Rex Pittsburgh Pa

Welcome to Vaude-vile Asylum....please allow the nice white-coats to strap you're going to be with us for a while....

Dr. Morose and Miss Macabre are back, after spending some time in the
basement studying medicine. This year, we invite our esteemed colleagues and peers to bear witness to the newest incarnation of the Atrocity Exhibition in all its blood-soaked, bound-and-gagged, lobotomized glory. We hope you will join as we drag out some of our favorite patients and we admit some new ones. We have the forms right here. Here, in the asylum, it's diagnosis: death and the prescription is your ticket to Atrocity Exhibition 2011 an evening of insane art of fetish performance, skull crushing music, and mad, dark art displays....
May 14 . 2011 - Rex Theater - Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania - 21+

Self Mutilating, Obsessive Compulsive, Delusional, Schizophrenic....
Our Patients....Your Entertainment....

*Patient #09734 - Nos for My Black Umbrella
Gore burlesque ... traditional burlesque performed with mind blowing FX, sure to amaze and horrify! Named "Goreywood's Bloodiest Star" by BIZARRE Magazine.

*Patient #04872 - The House of Deville's Kabarett Vulgare
(North Carolina)
Kabarett Vulgare is a collective of artists from all types of mediums and backrounds. They are a
bastardization of traditional Wiemar Cabaret and the American Sideshow tradition....combined with The House of Deville's fetish twistery....

*Patient #06258 - The Hook Is Family
Reverend Decay ('Rev') & the Hook Is Family (HIF) has been providing public shows plus side show entertainment since 2004. HIF pushes the barrier in flesh suspension with stunning and chilling performances. You've seen flesh suspension.....but never like this.

*Patient #03667 - Macabre Noir
Macabre Noir -alter ego of The House of Oddities, Miss Macabre Incorporating sideshow human pin cushion performance into alternative/tradtional forms of burlesque with a signature fan dance but allowing feathers to be pierced and anchored into the flesh of her shoulders and chest forming organic wing body extensions....leaving you wincing in both pain and pleasure.

Patient #02371 - Exile
(North Carolina)
3X!13 is an electronic, down tempo, space rock machine. Consisting of Frank and Nick from Filth On Demand and Trey on synths. They cover a wide range of electronic styles, from dark and slow to the distorted and fast, to a combination of the two...never stopping on one sound for too long. Often just a "back burner" experimental platform for 'something bigger' that they were involved in, 3X!13 has been alive and making music since 2001 and have been performing live since 2009.

Patient #07613 - Prometheus Burning
Formed in 2001, Prometheus Burning is a renegade Electro duo. With visual artist Nikki Telladictorian delivering lyrical lashings on the frontlines while producer Greg VanEck mans the electro battlestation of drum machines, modular synths, and circuit bent devices, Prometheus Burning attacks you with a full scale sonic assault upon the senses. Operating from the fringe and defying definition, they forge an aggressive and eccentric sound that often blurs the line between electronic genres, from dancefloor killing beats to complex chaotic noise.

Our Aural Specialists....
DJ - Dr. Deville - Providing prescriptions from the Bat Cave
DJ - Phoenixxx - Skull crushing, dark Industrial trephination

Because Our Patients Love Arts & Crafts Time.... Vendors & Artists....

Biilzebub The Bone Collector
Evil Lily Originals
Good Mourning Glory
Lauren Toohey
Mean Machine Customs
Dreadful Things by Raven
Dark Waters Metal


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