Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Buy Pittsburgh Art From... Pittsburgh Artists

For an unbiased list of Pittsburgh artists check out the amazing Pittsburgh Artist Registry, maintained by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.

And for a very biased, much smaller list check out the Pittsburgh Art Blog's Pittsburgh Artists' List.

Either way, when you buy Pittsburgh art from Pittsburgh artists it makes sense on many levels...


The Pittsburgh Art Blog

The Pittsburgh Art Blog features selected pittsburgh artists and upcoming exhibits with photos from the artists and galleries. since the major press outlets do not go beyond a directory listing of exhibits, blogs are needed to promote pittsburgh artists and their work. the blog also calls attention to the inferiority complex of pittsburgh art and how it's perpetuated by the major players in town. Started on August 20,2007. pittsburgh area galleries and art venues are listed at the sister site www.PghGalleries.com.

the blog and website are volunteer projects from fine art photographer and pittsburgh artist advocate rick byerly.