Monday, June 16, 2008

Bill Wade: Waterfall Spirits Sunday June 29, 2008 Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Photography

I have a lot of respect for Bill Wade and his work , in particular his long term committment to photography projects and you have a great opportunity to see that for yourself starting June 29, 2008.

William D. Wade: Waterfall Spirits Sunday June 29, 2008 - Sunday August 24, 2008 free w/ museum admission

The opening for the show is June 29, Sunday, from 3-5 pm.

This exhibition features the work of the 2006 recipient of The Westmoreland Exhibition Award selected from the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh annual exhibition. This waterfall series offers the artist's view of the abstract qualities of water as it flows over rocks and precipices. According to the artist: "I hope to convey the inner experience of waterfalls," and in his dynamic black and white photographs, Wade does just that and more, capturing the drama and sound of the water as it moves through the natural world.

Artist Statement: Waterfalls have a great attraction for me. To be in the presence and photograph the flow of falling water is a spiritual experience.

My bodies of work, including this one, come from long periods of time. Beginning with several trips to Niagara Falls, I photographed both the waterfalls and the people. I also started collecting historical photographs of waterfalls, which I sometimes incorporate into my work.

The series took a turn from just Niagara Falls, when a 2003 trip to Yosemite National Park gave me the awesome experience of the world famous waterfalls there. The photographs will also come from Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, North Carolina, California, West Virginia and from other lower 48 states.

I hope to convey the inner experience of waterfalls. Sometimes this is attempted with long exposures, as many have before me to capture a feeling of the moving water. I use black-and-white film, with a tripod mounted camera that allows me time to slow down and be observant.

Occasionally I abstract the photographs by presenting detail photographs. This connects to another body of work of abstraction using no camera, but dealing with shapes, colors and tones, which led to this show at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art.

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