Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gist Street Reading Series Back Sat July 19, 2008

From Gist Street Reading Series!

Hello Gist Street! It has been too long, I know. I'm here to give an advance warning signal. Yes, after six long months the reading series is about to start up again. Right now your job is to start thinking about what you're bringing to the cookout. We're featuring McSweeney's Press. Saturday, July 19th. Eating starts at 7pm. Readings start at 8pm. For those who are new to the cookout, it's a sampler of readings, about six readers reading for about 10 minutes each. Right now the McSweeney's poets are Atsuro Riley, Patrick Lawler, Courtney Queeney, and Gerry LaFemina. Bios are listed on our website. Fiction is coming very soon.

It's also a sampling of food: a potluck. We have a big grill and (after 8 years) an experienced team of grillers. We'll have an assortment of sauces and marinades and herbs plucked from the garden to help with this task. Pasta salad? Cherry pie? Chocolate cake? Chicken? Whole salmon? Tofu burgers? Watermelon? Farro salad with red lentils, goat cheese, roasted onions, and peas in a citrus-parmesan vinegarette?(Well, that's actually what I'm bringing.) Start thinking. James Simon's Sculpture Studio, 305 Gist Street - Uptown. It's in the backyard. BYOB. $5. The raffle includes books, fresh produce, pesto, eggs from the chickens, a drawing by John Fleenor, and a Gist Street fish by our host James Simon.We hope you haven't forgotten about us. We have a great line up for 2008. More soon,
Sherrie-- Gist Street Reading Series 305 Gist Street, Pittsburgh, PA


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